Trial of Nurse Accused of Baby Murders: Startling Revelation of Photographing Thank You Card

…By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media.

In the ongoing trial at Manchester Crown Court, Lucy Letby, a nurse accused of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder ten others at the Countess of Chester’s neonatal unit, has been revealed to have taken a photograph of a thank you card from the parents of two of her alleged victims.


Letby claims that capturing such images was a common practice for her.

A Reminder of Gratitude:

During her testimony, Letby admitted to taking a photograph of a thank you card she received from the parents of Child E and Child F, two newborn twin boys who were allegedly her victims.

The court heard that Letby allegedly murdered Child E through the injection of air into his bloodstream and attempted to kill his brother, Child F, through insulin poisoning in August 2015.

Three months later, the boys’ parents brought a hamper and a thank you card to the neonatal unit, which Letby captured with her phone.

Normalcy in Unusual Circumstances:

When questioned about her actions, Letby stated that photographing cards she had sent and received was a regular occurrence for her.

Her defense barrister, Ben Myers KC, inquired about the unusual nature of this behavior, to which Letby replied that there was nothing remarkable about it.


Letby’s response implies that she perceived the thank you card as a memento, despite its connection to the alleged victims.

An Unsettling Digital Discovery:

Following Letby’s arrest, images of the aforementioned thank you card were found on her phone.

This discovery potentially raises questions about Letby’s motivations and state of mind during the time of the alleged crimes.

The prosecution may argue that the photographs suggest a disturbing attachment or fascination with the parents of her alleged victims.

Online Inquiries:

Further unsettling details emerged when it was revealed that Letby had searched for the twins’ mother on Facebook multiple times between August 2015 and January 2016.

Letby confirmed that searching for people on Facebook was a common behavior for her, and it was especially true in this case due to the twins’ mother being on her mind after the incidents involving Child E and Child F.

While Letby considers this behavior as normal, the prosecution may interpret it as a sign of obsession or a desire for a deeper connection with the victims’ family.

Denial of Offenses:

Throughout the trial, Letby, hailing from Hereford, has firmly denied all charges relating to the alleged offenses, maintaining her innocence.


The prosecution will likely present the photograph and Letby’s Facebook searches as evidence to support their case, suggesting a possible connection between her actions and the crimes she is accused of committing.


The photographing of a thank you card from the parents of her alleged victims presents a perplexing aspect of Lucy Letby’s character and possible motives.

While Letby claims that capturing such images was part of her routine, the prosecution may argue that it demonstrates a disturbing attachment or fascination with the families affected by her alleged crimes.

The Facebook searches for the twins’ mother further raise concerns about Letby’s mental state and potential obsession.

As the trial progresses, these pieces of evidence will likely play a significant role in shaping the jury’s perception of Letby’s culpability.


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