Afenifere’s Soul Died with Bola Ige, Leaving the Yoruba Group in Search of True Leadership

Chief Bisi Akande Laments Afenifere’s Decline: The Shadow Since Bola Ige’s Demise

In a poignant revelation, Chief Bisi Akande, a founding member of the Afenifere group, expressed deep sorrow over the perceived decline of the Yoruba socio-political organization.

Akande asserted that the true soul of Afenifere ceased to exist with the passing of its founder, the late Chief Bola Ige.

Leadership Void: Searching for Afenifere’s True Head

Pa Reuben Fasoranti assumed leadership after Chief Bola Ige’s death; however, according to Akande, Afenifere has never been the same.

The leadership void persists, leaving the group in a state of ambiguity regarding its current leader.

Akande, a prominent figure in Afenifere, voiced his concerns during discussions with the press at his country home ahead of his 85th birthday.

Afenifere’s Post-Bola Ige Era: A Shadow of Its Former Self

Chief Bisi Akande expressed his heartfelt lament, stating that Afenifere has transformed into a mere shadow of its former self since the demise of Chief Bola Ige.

Despite electing Pa Reuben Fasoranti to lead the group after Ige’s passing, Akande emphasized that the soul and essence of Afenifere left with its founding figure.

Reorganization Not the Solution: Afenifere as a Replaceable Entity

Offering his perspective on Afenifere’s current state, the former Osun State Governor conveyed that the group does not require reorganization.

Akande categorically positioned Afenifere as an organization that can be replaced by others.

He dismissed the notion that breaking away from Nigeria is the solution, asserting that managing the Yoruba race independently within the nation is essential for progress.

Afenifere’s Fate: Navigating the Path Forward

Chief Bisi Akande concluded his reflections by challenging the idea of secession, stating that cutting Yoruba out of Nigeria wouldn’t necessarily result in a better outcome for the race.

Instead, he emphasized the need for effective self-management within the existing Nigerian entity to ensure a more favorable future for the Yoruba people.

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