Queen’s Beloved animal Stroll With Head Bowed To Mark The Annivasary of The Queen’s Passing.

Commemorating the Queen’s Legacy: Emma’s Poignant Stroll at Windsor


As the nation observes the one-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s passing on September 8, 2022, a heartwarming scene unfolded at Windsor, where her cherished horse, Emma, enjoyed a leisurely walk in the late summer sunshine. Terry Pendry, the Queen’s lead groom, paid his heartfelt tribute to the late monarch by leading her beloved Fell pony in the very grounds where Her Majesty once rode. Known for her deep affection for animals, Queen Elizabeth’s connection with horses and pet corgis remained an enduring part of her life. As the world mourned her loss last year, her corgis, Mick and Sandy, were accompanied by dedicated aides during her final farewell.

Terry Pendry’s Quiet Tribute

Terry Pendry, 72, who has served as head groom at Windsor for an impressive 28 years and often rode with the Queen, took the reins in leading Emma around the picturesque Windsor grounds. In a contemplative moment, he guided the glossy black horse, embodying a silent tribute to the monarch who shared a profound bond with the animal kingdom.

A Fond Farewell at the Queen’s Funeral

At the Queen’s funeral last year, millions around the world witnessed touching scenes as 25-year-old Emma stepped forward to bid her final farewell to the late monarch. As the royal hearse arrived in Windsor, Mr. Pendry, head bowed, cradled Emma, who had been a loyal companion to Her Majesty for over two decades. Notably, the Queen seldom wore a riding hat, and a headscarf was gently placed on the saddle as a fitting final touch.

An Exclusive Insight from Mr. Pendry

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Mr. Pendry shared poignant details of the Queen’s last ride on Emma in July. He reflected on the honor and privilege of having Emma by his side as they said their goodbyes to Her Majesty. The Queen’s affection for Emma was evident as the pony stood solemnly and respectfully.

Mr. Pendry described the Queen’s riding preferences, including her favored white sheepskin saddle, which he ensured was used for Emma. The crowning touch was Her Majesty’s cherished Hermes headscarf, adorned with depictions of horses and carriages. Mr. Pendry emphasized that simplicity held its own beauty and that the headscarf was the perfect gesture to honor the Queen’s memory.

Memories of a Remarkable Ride

Recalling the Queen’s last ride on Emma on July 18, Mr. Pendry marveled at Her Majesty’s sharpness and vitality, despite her age. He attested that there were no signs of frailty as she rode alongside him, showcasing her unwavering dedication to her role in service to her country and the Commonwealth.

Looking Forward and Reflecting on the Queen’s Legacy

Mr. Pendry, who received awards for his dedicated service (LVO and BEM), expressed his deep sense of loss and the unique void left by the Queen’s passing. He acknowledged that the Queen’s legacy was irreplaceable and paid tribute to her devotion to the nation.

He concluded by expressing his commitment to continue his work for the King, acknowledging the challenges that lay ahead. Mr. Pendry conveyed his gratitude that he and Emma had the opportunity to say their farewell at Windsor, a place so closely associated with Her Majesty’s love for riding.

In Closing

The poignant stroll of Queen Elizabeth’s beloved horse, Emma, serves as a touching reminder of the deep bond between the monarch and her animal companions. As the nation reflects on the Queen’s legacy, these moments of quiet tribute underscore the profound impact she had on those who served her faithfully, like Terry Pendry.

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