Dame Emma Thompson, Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter join forces to campaign against home construction in Hampestead.

Celebrity-Led Campaign to Halt Modern Home Construction in Hampstead


Prominent British actors, including Dame Emma Thompson, Jim Broadbent, Imelda Staunton, and Jim Carter, have united in a campaign to oppose the construction of what they describe as a ‘three-storey industrial shed’ in their affluent London neighborhood of Hampstead. The proposed project, led by cryptocurrency executives Daniel and Sendi Young, involves demolishing a 1960s one-story property and replacing it with a contemporary aluminum and glass residence. This celebrity-led initiative has raised concerns about the design’s compatibility with the local architectural aesthetic, particularly in the context of the suburb’s ‘arts and crafts-style’ architecture.

The Proposed Modern Residence

The proposed four-bedroom home, situated adjacent to Hampstead Cricket Club’s pitch, is envisioned to feature a sun terrace, an open-plan ground floor encompassing a kitchen, living, and dining area, a green-roof system, and ground-source heat pumps. Critics argue that this design is more suited to a location like Malibu, California, rather than the conservation area in Hampstead.

Actor Greg Wise’s Opposition

Actor Greg Wise, who also has a background in architecture, expressed his disapproval of the project in a letter addressed to Camden council’s planning committee. In the letter, co-signed by his wife Dame Emma Thompson, Wise emphasized the importance of the right design in the right place, asserting that the proposed building does not align with the conservation area’s character.

Dame Emma Thompson’s Involvement

Dame Emma Thompson, known for her roles in films like “Nanny McPhee,” has a history of objecting to planning proposals. She previously joined a campaign against a Tesco supermarket in Belsize Park, which eventually led to the proposal being rejected.

Concerns Raised by Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton

Jim Carter, famous for his role in “Downton Abbey,” and his wife, Imelda Staunton, who has appeared in “Harry Potter” and “The Crown,” expressed their concerns about the project in a letter to Camden council. They emphasized the potential negative impact on the environment and their garden, which plays a vital role in supporting wildlife.

Jim Broadbent’s Perspective

Veteran actor Jim Broadbent, known for his roles in films like “Hot Fuzz” and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” expressed apprehensions about the project’s impact on the area’s unique character. He cautioned that it might set a precedent for future developments that could alter the neighborhood’s distinctiveness.

Architectural Revisions and Counterarguments

The designs for the proposed residence have undergone revisions by Savills, the agents for the application, following a consultation meeting. Scenario Architecture, the firm behind the project, defended it as a sustainable family home that would not be visible from the conservation area. They stressed the importance of creating a modern building in harmony with its time and the neighborhood’s arts and crafts style.

A Response to Celebrity Influence

In response to the objections led by celebrities, the design company expressed concern about the potential influence of the ‘celebrity angle’ on the council’s decision-making process. They emphasized that planning policy, not personal subjective opinion, should guide the project’s approval.


The celebrity-led campaign to oppose the construction of a modern home in Hampstead highlights the intersection of architecture, conservation, and celebrity influence in local planning matters. As the debate continues, the fate of the proposed project remains uncertain, with key stakeholders on both sides of the argument advocating for their respective positions.

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