The Minger’s Malodorous Marvel Goes International

Global Fame for “The Minger”: Scottish Cheese’s Malodorous Impact Worldwide

The Scottish Mail on Sunday’s revelation about “The Minger,” touted as the world’s smelliest cheese, has catapulted the pungent delicacy to international fame.

With a distinct odor described as ‘meaty, unctuous, cabbagey,’ the Highland Fine Cheese company in Tain, Ross-shire, has witnessed a surge in sales and global attention.

Asda Debut and International Buzz

After our coverage highlighted that Asda started stocking “The Minger,” the malodorous cheese has become a sensation worldwide.

News reports from as far as Australia, New Zealand, and America have featured this peculiar Scottish creation.

The Highland Fine Cheese company’s sales have doubled compared to the same period last year, marking a notable success for the artisan cheese business.

The global reach of “The Minger” showcases the power of media coverage in propelling unique and unconventional products into the limelight, sparking interest and curiosity from consumers around the world.

Morrisons Joins the Cheese Odyssey

Following the surge in popularity, a second major retailer has jumped on the “Minger” bandwagon.

Morrisons will now sell the odorous cheese in its Scottish stores, further expanding its availability.

The move is expected to contribute to the ongoing success story of this unconventional artisanal creation.

Morrisons’ decision to stock “The Minger” underscores the growing demand and fascination for distinctive and daring food products, emphasizing the influence of media coverage in shaping consumer preferences.

The Minger: Artisan Craftsmanship and Unique Flavor Profile

Crafted in a dairy in the north of Scotland, “The Minger” is a brie-style cheese with a harder rind and a gooey middle.

Its distinctive orange outer layer is the result of a unique process involving washing it in a solution of Brevibacterium – the microbe responsible for smelly feet – and maturing it for two months.

The Highland Fine Cheese company, known for its diverse range of European-style cheeses, prides itself on using quality local-sourced cow’s milk from free-roaming and grass-fed traditional breeds.

“The Minger” represents not only a culinary adventure for cheese enthusiasts but also a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the expert team behind its creation.

The unique flavor profile and artisanal approach contribute to its appeal, setting it apart in the world of cheeses.

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