Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Douglas Among Marvel Actors Confounded by Complex Plots

Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Douglas Among Marvel Actors Confounded by Complex Plots

After 32 Marvel films, even the actors who star in them struggle to keep up with the intricate plots.


Emma Corrin, known for her role in The Crown, expressed that joining the franchise was an overwhelming experience, calling it “an absolute mind-f***”.

In an interview with Empire, Corrin admitted that she was not well-versed in the Marvel universe, having only watched Spider-Man and Black Panther.

Prior to starting work on Deadpool 3, she requested a “debrief” from producers to understand the complex web of connections, language, Easter eggs, and character relations, which left her feeling confused.

It’s not just Emma Corrin who finds the Marvel universe baffling.


Other actors in the franchise also struggle to keep track of their characters and the interwoven plots.

Gwyneth Paltrow once confessed that she doesn’t remember which films she’s appeared in, attributing it to being a 47-year-old mother with a lot on her plate.

Even Michael Douglas, while promoting his Ant-Man movie, seemed unsure about the details of the plot.

With such complexities, one can only imagine how the audience feels trying to follow the sprawling narrative.

Pint-Off Between Chancellor and Prime Minister

Recently, Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor, made a stop at the Two Chairmen in Westminster to celebrate changes to alcohol duty.


In an awkward photoshoot, he was seen pulling pints to mark the occasion.

However, the pub seems to have a history of bad luck for chancellors, as Kwasi Kwarteng had also stood outside it, drinking lager on the day of his mini-budget, only to have his victorious mood short-lived.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, was across town at the Great British Beer Festival in Kensington Olympia.

He poured a stout for an onlooker, although he is known to be teetotal.

The moment was captured in an odd Instagram story, where Sunak was seen celebrating a victory at shuffleboard, with a caption seemingly referring to Brexit.


The playful competition between the Chancellor and the Prime Minister adds an interesting touch to their roles in the government.

Camilla and Her Favourite Shoe Brand

Camilla, the Queen, has apparently become a sales representative for her favorite shoe brand, Sole Bliss.

The brand’s founder, Lisa Kay, revealed that Camilla is a valued customer who has purchased 11 pairs of their comfy footwear.

Not only that, but Camilla has also been recommending the shoes to her famous friends.

Dame Judi Dench, after receiving a pair, expressed gratitude as the shoes helped with a podiatric issue.


When asked how she learned about the brand, Dame Judi disclosed that the Queen is a friend who recommended them to her.

Dame Mary Berry is another royal friend who has bought shoes based on Camilla’s advice.

Interestingly, Camilla pays for all her shoes and doesn’t accept gifts, though there might be exceptions.

Silly Season Fun with Lily Allen and Joan Collins

In a lighter moment, British actresses Lily Allen and Joan Collins displayed their playful sides.

Lily Allen, backstage at her hit West End show The Pillowman, shared pictures of herself in various outfits, including one while getting her hair done, adding a spooky twist to the occasion.


Meanwhile, on the French Riviera, Dame Joan Collins amused bystanders by pretending to be outraged by a risqué fan.

Standing outside Le Club 55 in St Tropez, she humorously boasted about her ability to secure a reservation and playfully borrowed an admirer’s fan to cool down.

To her mock horror, she discovered a cheeky message on the fan and dropped it with a theatrical reaction.

Such moments during the silly season can bring smiles to fans and onlookers alike.


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