The Controversial Views of Laurence Fox’s Partner, Elizabeth Barker: From Moon Landings to Pandemics

The Controversial Views of Laurence Fox’s Partner, Elizabeth Barker: From Moon Landings to Pandemics

Unraveling the Beliefs

Laurence Fox’s new girlfriend, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Barker, has gained attention for her controversial views, ranging from conspiracy theories about moon landings and 9/11 to skepticism about climate change and vaccinations.

Seen accompanying Fox to the High Court, Barker’s Instagram profile describes her as a model, body double, and stuntwoman.

The Elite Thinking Club

Barker regularly features on the Elite Thinking Club podcast, a platform that claims to promote critical thinking but often delves into wild conspiracy theories.

From questioning the theory of evolution to suggesting Princess Diana’s murder on royal orders, the podcast explores unconventional perspectives on various subjects.

The Moon Landings and 9/11

Barker’s podcast appearances include expressing doubt about the authenticity of the 1969 moon landings and suggesting ‘grey areas’ in the 9/11 attacks.

Her views extend to claiming that Jeffrey Epstein’s demise was connected to Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview, even though Epstein died months before the interview.

Climate Change and Pandemic Skepticism

In podcast episodes, Barker asserts that climate change is a ‘smokescreen for something else,’ serving as a tool for control.

During the pandemic, she publicly reveals her choice not to get vaccinated, labeling government vaccination campaigns as ‘propaganda’ and expressing skepticism about pandemic-related measures.

High Court Presence and Social Media Controversies

Barker’s controversial opinions extend beyond podcasts, evident in her social media posts.

From challenging Covid safety measures on film sets to expressing anti-vaccine sentiments, her online presence aligns with her outspoken views.


Elizabeth Barker’s association with Laurence Fox brings her unconventional beliefs into the spotlight.

From moon landing conspiracies to pandemic skepticism, her views, often expressed on the Elite Thinking Club podcast, raise questions about the intersection of personal beliefs and public figures.

The article aims to present an overview of Barker’s controversial stances, emphasizing the diverse topics covered on the podcast and her presence on social media.

As she becomes part of public discourse, the spotlight on Barker prompts discussions about the influence of conspiracy theories in contemporary narratives.

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