Mamelodi Sundowns’ Andile Dlamini Opens Up About Mental Health and CAF CL Triumph

Rising Above Challenges

Fresh from clinching the CAF Women’s Champions League title with Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies, goalkeeper Andile Dlamini shares her story of triumph over adversity, shedding light on her mental health struggles.

World Cup Setback and CAF Champions League Glory

Dlamini, who faced exclusion from Banyana Banyana during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, has emerged victorious with Sundowns Ladies.

Despite questions surrounding her absence, she showcased exceptional goalkeeping skills in the CAF Women’s Champions League, earning the Goalkeeper of the Tournament Award.

Gratitude to Sundowns and Mental Health Advocacy

Expressing gratitude to Mamelodi Sundowns, Dlamini acknowledges the crucial support from the club’s staff, technical team, and teammates.

She emphasizes the importance of mental health care at the club, highlighting the positive environment that contributes to her well-being.

Emotional Victory and Family Support

Dlamini reveals the emotional impact of her triumph, particularly witnessing her mother’s tears of joy.

Sundowns, for her, is not just a club but a family and a safe space. She shares that her mother’s presence is felt on the field, making the victory even more significant.

Faith, Resilience, and Divine Intervention

Describing herself as a strong individual and a team player, Dlamini reflects on the role of faith and resilience in her journey.

Believing that everything happens for a reason, she sees divine intervention in her experiences, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s purpose.


Andile Dlamini’s journey transcends the football field, illustrating the resilience required to navigate challenges, both in sports and mental health.

Her openness about struggles and gratitude towards Sundowns emphasizes the significance of mental health support in professional sports.

Dlamini’s story is a testament to the strength found in faith, family, and the supportive environment provided by clubs.

As she continues to inspire with her performances, her advocacy for mental well-being contributes to a broader conversation within the sports community.

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