Anne Hegerty’s Unsuccessful Stint on a Rival Game Show: The Chase Star’s Surprising Past

Anne Hegerty’s Candid Revelation

Beloved quiz master Anne Hegerty, known for her role on ITV’s long-running quiz show The Chase, has recently shared a surprising aspect of her career.

Failed Appearances on Rival Game Show

Anne Hegerty, who is celebrated for her formidable general knowledge, disclosed that she faced setbacks on a different popular game show.

A Look Back at Her Mastermind Appearance

In a recent interview, Anne recalled her less-than-stellar performance on Mastermind, a renowned BBC quiz show.

A Challenging Expert Topic

During her first appearance on the show in 1987, when she was working as a journalist, Anne had to tackle the expert topic: “The Life and Works of Lorenz Hart,” the famous lyricist.

Honest Admission from The Governess

Despite her impressive knowledge on The Chase, Anne candidly admitted, “I wasn’t that good at Mastermind.

I’ve been on it twice and lost both times.”

Throwback Photos Reveal a Different Anne

Throwback photos of Anne’s Mastermind appearances have surfaced on social media, showcasing a remarkably different look for the quiz master.

A Striking Transformation

In the unearthed pictures, Anne sports a frizzy curly bob haircut and oversized vintage glasses, a far cry from her appearance on The Chase.

Rainbow-Colored Dress and Nostalgic Moment

Anne is also seen wearing an oversized fitted rainbow-colored dress in the photos, capturing a moment from her past.

Fans React to the Images

Fans expressed their amazement at the throwback images, with many commenting on the striking contrast in Anne’s appearance.

Anne’s Humorous Response

Anne humorously responded to the reactions, acknowledging the difference and saying, “I look pretty funny now!”

A Memorable Journey from Past to Present

Anne Hegerty’s revelations about her Mastermind experiences and the throwback photos provide a glimpse into her journey from her early days in game shows to her current role as one of the Chasers on The Chase.

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