Foodie’s Viral Recipe: Homemade McDonald’s Cheese Melts That Taste Even Better

Foodie’s Viral Recipe: Homemade McDonald’s Cheese Melts That Taste Even Better

A Foodie’s Homemade Delight

A food enthusiast has taken to social media to share a delectable recipe for recreating McDonald’s cheese melts at home, and they claim it tastes even better.

Josh and Joe’s Recipe Magic

Josh and Joe, known for their mouthwatering and straightforward recipes on social media, have hit a home run with their McDonald’s dupe.

A Simple Yet Tantalizing Recipe

Their easy-to-follow recipe only requires four ingredients and takes a mere eight minutes to prepare and cook using an air fryer.

“Air Fryer Babybel Bites”

The foodie duo titled their post “Air fryer Babybel Bites,” setting the stage for a delicious homemade treat.

Step-by-Step Guide

In their video, they began by unwrapping six Babybel cheeses, setting them aside for later use.

Creating the Coating

They then proceeded to take a bag of chili heatwave Dorito crisps, emptied them into a bowl, and crushed the crisps into tiny pieces.

A touch of pepper was added for seasoning.

The Coating Process

The foodies coated the Babybel cheeses in flour and beat two eggs to create a coating for the cheeses.

Crunchy Shell Preparation

Once the Babybels were coated with the egg mixture, they were rolled in the Dorito crumbs to create a crispy outer shell.

Air Frying Perfection

The prepared Babybel bites were placed in the air fryer on a bed of baking paper and lightly sprayed with cooking oil.

They were then cooked at 200 degrees for a total of eight minutes.

Gooey Cheese Bliss

After the cooking process, the cheese melts were removed from the air fryer, revealing a gooey, tempting interior that’s sure to make anyone’s mouth water.

Viral TikTok Sensation

Their TikTok video, posted on their account @jjscrans, quickly went viral, amassing over 500k views and 38k likes.

Enticing Reactions

Viewers were enthusiastic in the comments, with many expressing their eagerness to try the recipe.

Better Than the Original?

Some even claimed that these homemade cheese melts were better than those from McDonald’s.

Homemade Temptation

For those craving a homemade version of a fast-food favorite, this recipe proved to be a hit, with numerous followers eager to recreate the magic.

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A Sweet Finale

To cap it off, there’s a delightful four-ingredient bread pudding recipe that’s sure to satisfy dessert cravings.

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