ITV Coronation Street’s Imran star joins rival BBC show as co-stars rush to support him

Corrie Exit and Doctor Who Entrance

Former Coronation Street actor Charlie de Melo, known for his role as Imran Habeeb, makes a thrilling entrance into the world of Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary specials.

Imran’s Farewell: Transitioning from Soap Drama to Time-Traveling Adventures

A year after the tragic exit of his character Imran on Coronation Street, Charlie de Melo embarks on a new journey in Doctor Who, bringing excitement to fans of both shows.

Quiet Excitement: Charlie de Melo Confirms Doctor Who Role

Charlie shares the news of his involvement in Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary series on social media, expressing his excitement and acknowledging the significance of the milestone.

Corrie Reunion Hopes: Fans Anticipate Connections in Doctor Who

As fans speculate the possibility of a Coronation Street reunion, Charlie’s fellow former Corrie star Millie Gibson’s previous transition to Doctor Who adds to the excitement.

David Tennant’s Return: Charlie de Melo Joins a Star-Studded Doctor Who Cast

Charlie de Melo joins the likes of David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary specials, creating anticipation for a memorable on-screen experience.

Soap Stars in Sci-Fi: Millie Gibson and Charlie de Melo’s Dual Journey

Both Millie Gibson and Charlie de Melo make the leap from Coronation Street to Doctor Who, adding their unique flair to the iconic sci-fi series.

Fans’ Reactions: Celebrating Charlie de Melo’s Career Milestone

Fans express their joy and excitement on social media, celebrating Charlie de Melo’s career move and anticipating the captivating dynamics in Doctor Who’s upcoming episodes.