Chasers Shaun Wallace and Darragh Ennis Discuss Working with Bradley Walsh

Chasers Shaun Wallace and Darragh Ennis Discuss Working with Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh: The Real Deal On and Off Screen

Darragh Ennis, a quiz pro and co-star on The Chase, recently shared insights about his experience working with the iconic presenter, Bradley Walsh.

During the National Television Awards, Darragh confirmed that Bradley is exactly how he appears on television and praised him as a genuinely lovely person.

An Authentic Television Personality

Darragh, known as The Menace on the show, emphasized that Bradley doesn’t put on a facade for the camera.

He reiterated that Bradley is the same off-screen, making him a pleasure to work with.

This authenticity sets Bradley apart in an industry where some personalities may adopt a different persona for television.

Celebrating Long-Term Success on The Chase

Darragh, who transitioned from being a former contestant to joining the quiz panel in 2020, celebrated alongside his co-star Shaun Wallace, also known as The Dark Destroyer, at the awards night. Their camaraderie on and off the screen reflects the positive atmosphere among The Chase’s cast and crew.

Shaun Wallace on the Joy of Chasing

Shaun Wallace, who has been a chaser on the show since 2009, shared his perspective on the experience. He highlighted that there isn’t any aspect of the show that he finds difficult, emphasizing the enjoyment he derives from it.

Shaun attributed his success to his transferable skills as a barrister, such as quick thinking, research, and fearlessness in answering questions.

Continuous Knowledge Enhancement

To stay at the top of their game in the realm of general knowledge, the chasers invest significant time in research.

Shaun mentioned that he dedicates approximately two hours a day to research. Darragh, who actively participates in quiz competitions, supplements his knowledge with an additional hour of daily study.

No Easy Ride for Contestants

While the chasers may empathize with contestants who lose on the show, they firmly uphold the show’s standards.

They emphasized that giving contestants an easy ride would be both wrong and illegal. The integrity of the game remains a top priority for The Chase.

A Light-Hearted Debate on Intelligence

When asked to identify the most intelligent chaser among the six, both Darragh and Shaun playfully pointed to Paul Sinha, known as The Sinnerman, who was present.

They acknowledged his status as the quiz champion of Britain, leaving no room for debate on his intellectual prowess.

Catch The Chase on ITV

Fans of The Chase can continue to enjoy the show on weeknights at 5 pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

The dynamic between the chasers and Bradley Walsh, characterized by authenticity and camaraderie, adds to the enduring appeal of the show.