Texas Police Department Faces Backlash for ‘Sobriety Test Party’ Training Exercise

Texas Police Department Faces Backlash for ‘Sobriety Test Party’ Training Exercise

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Texas Police Department Hosts Controversial ‘Sobriety Test Party’ with Alcohol


A Texas police department has gained viral attention due to a training exercise that involved officers serving alcohol as part of a controversial ‘sobriety test party.’

Participants were required to consume measured amounts of alcohol and undergo mock sobriety tests to assist in training new officers.

The event, captured in a TikTok video shared by Semiya Williams, sparked discussion and garnered millions of views.

Participation and Drinking:

Participants, who signed consent forms prior to the event, were provided with measured quantities of alcohol based on their weight and desired drinking level.

The five-hour exercise required them to consume drinks at specified intervals, starting with two drinks in the first hour.


Participants were discouraged from eating beforehand and were even called out if they failed to drink their allotted amounts.

Snacks such as chips, deli meats, and cheeses were provided for consumption after the first drink.

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The atmosphere became increasingly social, with participants playing games like spades.

Sobriety Tests and Reactions:

After consuming three drinks, some participants reported feeling quite intoxicated, rating themselves at a 12 on a drunk scale of 1 to 10.

Sobriety tests were then conducted under the supervision of the training officers.

Footage showed participants struggling to walk in a straight line and having their eyes inspected by the officers.

In one instance, a participant had to be supported by trainee officers to prevent falling.


Semiya Williams concluded the event with a blood alcohol level of 0.77, slightly below the legal limit for driving.

Reactions and Comments:

The TikTok video generated significant attention, receiving over 9 million views and sparking various reactions in the comments section.

Many viewers praised the exercise, seeing it as an effective educational tool and a way to build rapport with the community.

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Some expressed interest in participating in similar events, viewing the provision of free drinks as an appealing factor.

However, others expressed fear and skepticism, raising concerns about privacy and the trustworthiness of the provided drinks.

Similar Training Events:

While the concept of a ‘sobriety test party’ may appear unusual, other police departments across the country have organized similar training events.


The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri, for example, conducted a sobriety test training exercise and offered to provide transportation home for participants.

Another instance occurred in 2019 when the Kutztown Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania sought participants for sobriety test training through a Facebook post.


The Texas police department’s ‘sobriety test party’ training exercise has sparked both interest and controversy.

While some view it as an innovative approach to educating people and establishing community connections, others express concerns about participation and the potential risks involved.

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Similar events conducted by other police departments indicate that this form of training is not entirely uncommon within law enforcement circles.


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