Tesla Owner Gets Trapped Inside Tesla Car During System Update With no AC or Air

Brianna Janel, a Tesla owner, found herself in a harrowing situation when she attempted to update her car’s system while parked in a Chic-Fil-A parking lot. Anticipating a 24-minute update process, Janel was shocked to discover that she was stuck inside her vehicle for nearly 40 minutes in Costa Mesa, California, last month.

Unexpected Confinement in Sweltering Conditions

The temperature inside the Tesla soared to a scorching 103 degrees, leaving Janel feeling extremely uncomfortable and concerned about the possibility of running out of air. Unable to roll down the windows or open the doors due to the update process, she faced an alarming situation.

Anxiety and Frustration

In a video shared on TikTok, which garnered nearly 30 million views, Janel expressed her distress over the situation. She described feeling like a “frickin chicken” roasting in the heat and dripping with sweat. With the car’s display indicating that driving and charging were suspended until the update completed, Janel found herself in a state of frustration, especially as her Chick-fil-A order had been ready for 30 minutes.

Relief After Escaping the Heat

After what seemed like an eternity, Janel was finally able to exit her vehicle and turn on the air conditioning, providing much-needed relief from the oppressive heat. The internal temperature had reached a sweltering 115 degrees, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Concerns and Caution

While Janel ultimately managed to escape the stifling conditions, she admitted to feeling apprehensive about using the manual door release feature, fearing that she might damage her car. Despite owning a Tesla for six years, she had never encountered such a situation before and emphasized the importance of avoiding updates while inside the vehicle.

Lesson Learned and Warning Issued

Reflecting on her ordeal, Janel cautioned others against updating their Tesla while inside the car, urging them to stick to conducting updates during off-peak hours. She also noted that attempts to activate the air conditioning using the app proved futile, adding another layer of frustration to her experience.

Seeking Answers and Resolution

DailyMail.com reached out to Tesla for comment on the incident, highlighting the need for clarification and potential solutions to prevent similar occurrences in the future. As Janel’s viral TikTok video continues to circulate, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety and awareness when engaging with technology, even in seemingly routine situations.

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