Heroic Marcos Vinícius Rescues Family Trapped in Car During Nova Iguaçu Floods

Heroic Marcos Vinícius Rescues Family Trapped in Car During Nova Iguaçu Floods

In a heroic act, Marcos Vinícius, known as Heroi Da Noite, reportedly saved a family, including a woman and a baby, trapped inside a car during severe flooding caused by heavy rain in Nova Iguaçu.

The incident occurred in the midst of intense rainfall that led to significant waterlogging in several neighborhoods, particularly those accessing Avenida Abílio Augusto Távora, commonly known as Estrada de Madureira.

City Grapples with Flooding:

Videos circulated on major social media platforms depict the city grappling once again with the challenges of heavy rainfall.

Reports indicate flooding and numerous waterlogged areas in neighborhoods linked to Avenida Abílio Augusto Távora.

The situation underscores the recurrent challenges faced by residents during such weather events.

Rescue Effort Captured on Video:

One video captures a passenger from Top Rio, identified as Heroi Da Noite, taking a risk to assist a family stranded in a submerged car in Jardim Alvorada.

The force of the water had swept the vehicle away, emphasizing the perilous conditions experienced by locals during the rain-induced floods.

Metropolitan Region Hit by Heavy Rains:

On the night of Wednesday, February 21, the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro experienced intense rainfall.

Among the most affected areas were the West Zone of the capital and Baixada Fluminense.

Videos shared online highlight the severe impact of the rain, with flooded streets and distressed residents.

Dramatic Rescue in Nova Iguaçu:

A dramatic video captured a rescue operation in Nova Iguaçu, where a baby and her mother were trapped in a car amid rising floodwaters in the Jardim Alvorada neighborhood.

A passenger from a bus reportedly rescued both the mother and the baby, along with an older sister of the infant.

Shortly after the rescue, the car was carried away by the swiftly flowing waters.

Overflowing Rivers and Street Flooding:

Earlier in Nova Iguaçu, the Rio da Bota reportedly overflowed in the vicinity of Parque Horizonte around 8:17 PM.

Residents reported widespread street flooding in the municipality, further exacerbating the challenges faced by the community due to the heavy rains.


The accounts from Nova Iguaçu paint a vivid picture of the challenges posed by heavy rainfall, with Heroi Da Noite’s rescue efforts exemplifying the courage and community spirit often displayed in the face of natural disasters.

The incident sheds light on the urgent need for infrastructure improvements and disaster preparedness in regions prone to such weather-related emergencies.


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