King Charles Assumes Over 200 New Patronages, Including Association of Commonwealth Universities,

So, let’s dive into the latest news from Buckingham Palace: King Charles is stepping up to the plate and taking on over 200 new patronages that were previously under the late Queen’s purview.

It’s all part of a major review of the charities supported by the Royal Family. And you know what? Queen Camilla is joining in too, snagging a handful of new roles, including the presidency of the Sandringham Women’s Institute.

But here’s the real scoop: Charles has his eyes set on a significant role – he’s now the bigwig at the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Remember, that was one of Meghan’s gigs before she and Harry called it quits on their senior royal duties four years back. Back in March 2020, Meghan had this private sit-down with folks from the ACU at Buckingham Palace.

Rumor has it she had a heart-to-heart with her biographer Omid Scobie, whispering something like, ‘It didn’t have to be this way.’

Now, some folks are saying it’s a wise move on Charles’ part to take on this role. After all, he’s not just the King, but also the Head of the Commonwealth. Handing it over to William or Kate might ruffle some feathers, if you catch my drift.

Shuffling the Deck: Changes in Royal Patronages

Now, let’s talk about the big shake-up in the world of royal patronages. With Charles taking the reins, there’s been a whole shuffle.

About 20 percent of these organizations are losing their royal connections for good, although they’ll probably still have the word ‘royal’ in their names.

So, why the shake-up? Well, with fewer royals in the game, some of these gigs had to revert back to the Queen. When she passed away in 2022, the late Queen still had her hands full with 492 organizations, even at the ripe age of 96!

Charles and Camilla had their fair share too, with Charles leading 441 and Camilla heading up 100. But now, Charles has his fingers in 669 pies, and the Queen’s down to 115.

Wonder who else in the family will roll up their sleeves and get involved in some charity work? Time will tell.

The Value of Royal Affiliations

Let’s get real: Being linked to the royals is like hitting the jackpot for these organizations. It’s all about boosting their profile, bringing in some much-needed cash, and, of course, scoring a royal visit or two.

And Charles isn’t stopping at just one – he’s taking on gigs like patron of the Royal British Legion, the Royal Commonwealth Society, and Samaritans.

Meanwhile, Camilla’s setting her sights on the Royal Academy of Dance. Makes sense, right? After all, she’s got a soft spot for ballet.

Keeping an Eye on the King

Now, onto some serious business: The folks in the know are making sure Charles doesn’t take on more than he can handle, especially with his ongoing cancer treatment.

They’re keeping a close watch on his workload, just to make sure he doesn’t overdo it.

No Spot for Ant & Dec on the Royal Roster

Now, onto something a bit lighter: Ant and Dec, those cheeky chappies, were spotted at the Coronation, but guess what?

They didn’t make the official record. Nope, only the big shots – the royals, the politicians, and the VIPs – got their names in the history books.

Looks like Ant and Dec got lumped in with the ‘other groups’, alongside Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. Classic!

A Royal Oopsie: A Missing Dot on the ‘i’

And finally, a bit of a hiccup: The King received the Coronation Roll, this ancient scroll that’s been documenting royal ceremonies for centuries.

He had a good chuckle about it, hoping there weren’t any mistakes in the 11,600 words. But guess what? Someone found a little slip-up – a missing dot on one of the ‘i’s. Oops! Looks like even kings aren’t immune to typos.”

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