British Tourists Face ‘Rogue Wave’ Nightmare on North Sea Cruise

British Tourists Face ‘Rogue Wave’ Nightmare on North Sea Cruise

MS Maud’s Encounter with a ‘Rogue Wave’

A Norwegian luxury cruise ship, MS Maud, faced a harrowing incident when a massive ‘rogue wave’ struck amid a ferocious North Sea storm, leaving passengers and crew in distress.

The vessel, carrying 400 individuals on a 14-day Northern Lights expedition from Tilbury, encountered the wave about 162 miles off Denmark’s west coast, shattering windows on the bridge and disrupting the ship’s operations.

Chaos Amidst the Wave

Dramatic footage captured the shocking moment of impact, as passengers grappled with the wave’s force, causing chaotic scenes aboard the ship.

The unsettling wave knocked out power, making navigation impossible, leading to a towing operation towards Germany.

Passengers described sliding tables and chairs amid the chaotic conditions, sharing visuals of the aftermath, depicting shattered windows and disarray in the ship’s shop.

Response and Assistance

Despite the distressing situation, passengers praised the crew’s swift response, particularly commending their aid for disabled individuals who needed extra support during the emergency.

Amid the chaos, the crew ensured passengers’ safety, assisting them to muster stations and providing necessary provisions like water, beverages, and sandwiches.

Rescue Operations and Current Status

All 266 passengers and 131 crew members were confirmed safe by the Danish Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (DJRC).

An Esvagt vessel connected a tow line to MS Maud, slowly navigating the ship to Bremerhaven in Germany. Although the power outage affected the ship, its main engine remained functional, allowing manual steering.

Cruise Ship’s Official Statement

The cruise company, HX, confirmed the incident and stated that no serious injuries were reported among guests or crew.

Ongoing safety checks and weather considerations prompted an amended sailing route for the ship, prioritizing onboard safety.

The vessel headed toward Bremerhaven for disembarkation, with arrangements made for passengers’ onward travel.

MS Maud’s Background and Recent Cruise Incidents

The MS Maud, equipped with advanced technology, facilitates cruises between Norway and the British Isles, with journey costs varying between $3,000 to nearly $10,000.

This incident recalls a recent storm-related ordeal involving another cruise ship, highlighting the unpredictable nature of maritime travel and the challenges posed by powerful storms at sea.