British Tourist’s Nightmare: Peruvian Wolf Spider Lays Eggs in Man’s Toe during Romantic Cruise

British Tourist’s Nightmare: Peruvian Wolf Spider Lays Eggs in Man’s Toe during Romantic Cruise

Encounter with a Peruvian Wolf Spider on a Romantic Cruise Holiday

Colin Blake’s Terrifying Experience

Colin Blake, a British man from Cramlington, Northumberland, recently shared a horrifying encounter with a Peruvian wolf spider during what was supposed to be a romantic cruise holiday.

The incident unfolded as Colin and his wife were enjoying a meal outdoors in Marseille.

Unaware of the Attack

During the BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime show, Colin revealed that he was entirely unaware of the spider bite initially.

The Peruvian wolf spider had numbed his toe before laying its eggs.

Colin’s wife speculated that his new sandals might be the cause, rubbing against his big toe and causing redness.

From Purple Toe to French Hospital

Overnight, Colin’s toe turned purple, prompting immediate concern.

Rushing to the ship’s doctor, he received the shocking news that a Peruvian wolf spider had bitten him and laid eggs in his toe.

The medical staff, faced with a distressing situation, cut open Colin’s toe with a scalpel, releasing a milk-like pus.

Astonishingly, the pus contained spider eggs, resembling tea leaves.

The Presence of Peruvian Wolf Spiders in France

It’s worth noting that Peruvian wolf spiders are now found in France, having arrived in the area through cargo ships.

The unforeseen consequences of global travel and shipping have introduced these exotic spiders to new regions.

Recovery in the UK

Back in the UK, Colin received hospital treatment, including a course of antibiotics to address the swelling.

As the swelling subsided, fang marks from the spider and evidence of its toxin’s path through his foot became visible.

Four weeks after the initial bite, Colin made a startling discovery – a ‘foreign body’ in his foot, later identified as an unhatched spider egg.

Unwanted Guest: Spider Making Its Way Out

The spider had survived the antibiotic treatment, attempting to make its way out of Colin’s toe by consuming the surrounding tissue.

Fortunately, doctors intervened, removing the spider by cutting open Colin’s toe.

Despite his curiosity, Colin was denied the opportunity to keep the unwanted guest.

Full Recovery on the Horizon

Colin is on the path to a full recovery, having undergone a harrowing experience with a Peruvian wolf spider that turned a leisurely cruise holiday into a nightmare.