Terrifying Encounter: British Sailor’s Yacht Attacked by Orcas off Gibraltar

Terrifying Encounter: British Sailor’s Yacht Attacked by Orcas off Gibraltar

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

British Sailor’s Terrifying Encounter: Orca Attack Leaves Yacht in Ruins off Gibraltar


Calls for Prevention Rise as Number of Clashes Between Boats and Orcas Soar

A British sailor has shared his harrowing experience of a violent encounter with killer whales off the coast of Gibraltar.

Captain Iain Hamilton, 60, described how the orcas relentlessly targeted his yacht, causing extensive damage.

While he believes the whales were playing with the boat’s rudders, the incident left him stranded in a nearby harbor.

The alarming rise in such clashes has prompted experts to explore tracking orcas with GPS tags, aiming to prevent further attacks and protect both boats and marine life in the area.

The Terrifying Orca Assault:


Captain Hamilton recounted the ordeal on BBC Radio 4, explaining that he was sailing near Gibraltar when he noticed a fin and then felt a series of strong impacts on his boat, named Butey of the Clyde.

He observed a large whale pushing against the vessel, attempting to bite the rudder.

Initially, there was one large whale accompanied by four smaller ones.

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Eventually, they managed to dislodge both rudders, leaving the boat adrift and at the mercy of the whales.

Hamilton likened the experience to being thrown around like a rag doll, as the orcas effortlessly manipulated the boat’s movement.

The Rising Number of Attacks:

The number of boats requiring rescue by Spain’s Salvamento Maritimo has nearly doubled this year compared to the whole of 2022.

In the Strait of Gibraltar alone, 24 sailing vessels have been towed due to encounters with killer whales.


The scale of these incidents, as highlighted by Captain Hamilton, is far greater than previously believed.

In response to the escalating clashes, experts are now focusing on tracking orcas using GPS tags to map their movements and help sailors avoid potential areas of conflict.

The Urgent Need for Prevention:

Captain Hamilton emphasized that if the orcas had wanted to completely destroy his boat, they would have been capable of doing so.

He speculated that a larger female whale may have led the assault, with the younger orcas joining in almost like synchronized swimmers.

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While acknowledging the magnificence of the whales’ display in a different context, Hamilton stressed the necessity of measures to protect boats and the local industry from further attacks.

Following his experience, several wrecked boats have arrived at the harbor near the small fishing village, heightening concerns for safety and insurance coverage.

Tracking Orcas with GPS Tags:


In response to the escalating clashes, the Spanish government has introduced a new GPS tagging scheme for killer whales.

One orca has already been tagged, allowing for the tracking and mapping of pod locations.

This information will enable sailors to avoid areas where orcas are known to frequent.

By implementing this technology, experts hope to minimize the risk of future attacks and safeguard both boats and the marine environment.

The Enigma of Orca Attacks:

The recent spate of orca attacks on boats has raised questions about the motivation behind these incidents.

Scientists have observed a pattern where orcas disable boats by targeting the rudders before losing interest.

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There is speculation that certain individuals may be teaching others to pursue and attack boats.


However, the behavior does not appear to be an evolved adaptation for survival.

Instead, it could be attributed to a short-lived fad or the influence of a traumatized orca, known as White Gladis, who may have initiated physical contact with boats.

Further research is needed to fully understand the complexities of orca behavior and their interactions with vessels.


The firsthand account of Captain Iain Hamilton’s traumatic encounter with killer whales off Gibraltar highlights the urgent need for preventive measures to ensure the safety of sailors and protect marine life.

The surge in clashes between boats and orcas in the region has prompted calls for GPS tracking of the whales to aid in avoiding potential conflicts.

As efforts to understand the motives behind these attacks continue, it is crucial to find solutions that allow both humans and orcas to coexist peacefully in these waters.

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