Chaotic Scene at Southport Food and Drink Festival: Zorbing Gone Wrong

Chaotic Scene at Southport Food and Drink Festival: Zorbing Gone Wrong

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Children’s Terrifying Zorbing Experience at Festival: One Injured, Another Lifted into the Air


Unforeseen Wind Gust Causes Chaos at Southport Food and Drink Festival

During the Southport Food and Drink Festival in Merseyside, two young children found themselves in a dangerous situation while participating in the activity known as ‘zorbing.’

Unexpectedly, their zorb balls were lifted high into the air by a powerful gust of wind, leading to a series of alarming events.

The incident occurred around 2pm yesterday when the children were inside inflatable zorb balls on a pool.

One of the boys was propelled an astonishing 100ft into the sky before crashing onto a nearby wheelie bin, resulting in ‘multiple serious injuries.’

Fortunately, the second child escaped unharmed despite also descending rapidly to the ground.


Witnesses at the festival recounted the sudden and intense gust of wind that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

They described the chaos that ensued as people’s belongings, including umbrellas, drinks, and plates, were flung about.

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The witness stated that the wind intensified within seconds, causing one child to be blown out of the pool while the other was launched into the air.

The incident described is undoubtedly a terrifying experience for both the children involved and the witnesses present.

The unexpected and powerful gust of wind highlights the unpredictable nature of outdoor activities and the potential dangers they can pose.

Eyewitnesses Describe the Frightening Scene and Aftermath

Festival-Goers Left Shaken by the Disturbing Incident

A witness who observed the incident shared their account with Sky News, describing the sudden gust of wind and its immediate impact.


They emphasized the height to which one child was lifted, estimating it to be around 100ft.

The witness expressed that they did not witness the child’s landing but saw them soaring through the air.

The witness characterized the scene as extremely frightening, leaving festival attendees visibly shaken in the aftermath of the incident.

Another onlooker recounted the zorb ball being launched from the water pool with the boy inside, eventually landing on a wheelie bin and causing the zorb to burst.

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Swift action was taken, as security and St John’s Ambulance were called to the scene and emergency services promptly arrived to provide assistance.

The eyewitness testimonies shed light on the chaotic and distressing atmosphere following the incident.

The quick response and professionalism displayed by the security personnel, ambulance services, and air ambulance contributed to managing the situation and providing necessary care.

Investigation Ensues and Support Offered


Authorities Conduct Safety Inspection as Police Appeal for Witnesses

Following the incident, authorities initiated a thorough health and safety inspection of the Southport Food and Drink Festival.

Sefton Council assured the public that the event remains open while expressing their concern for those involved and extending their well wishes for a full recovery.

Police are now seeking any visual evidence, including images or videos, that may have been captured by witnesses.

These materials could aid in the investigation and shed further light on the circumstances surrounding the zorbing incident.

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The ongoing investigation and safety inspection demonstrate the commitment to understanding the cause of the incident and taking necessary measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The appeal for witnesses highlights the importance of gathering comprehensive information to support the investigation process.



The zorbing incident at the Southport Food and Drink Festival left one child with significant injuries after being launched into the air and landing on a wheelie bin.

The unforeseen gust of wind that caused the incident created a chaotic and alarming scene, leaving festival-goers shaken.

Authorities have undertaken a thorough investigation, conducting a health and safety inspection, while appealing for witnesses to come forward with any visual evidence.

The priority remains the well-being and recovery of the injured child, with hopes that lessons can be learned to ensure the safety of participants in future events.


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