Tems Opens Up About Her Uganda Jail Experience and Resilience

In a recent interview with radio show host Angie Martinez, Tems shared her harrowing experience of being jailed for two days in Uganda.

She, along with Omah Lay and Donawon, was arrested during a performance trip to Uganda shortly after the COVID-19 curfew was lifted in the country.

According to Tems, they didn’t break any rules, but their arrest was orchestrated by a local artist who had promised to deal with them.

Tems explained that the show organizers had assured them they had the necessary permits to hold the concert, and people were already attending the event because of the relaxed COVID restrictions.

However, after the show, she and her manager were unexpectedly picked up by Ugandan police while having lunch in their hotel room.

During her two-night stay in prison, Tems expressed her fear that she might not be released because she had no means of communication with the outside world.

She began to believe that there might be a higher purpose for her being there, as she had no phone or contact with the outside world.

She described the harsh conditions in the prison, from the unpleasant smell of the uniform they provided to the lack of proper bedding.

She was placed on the floor with just blankets and tissues, without a bed.

Tems recounted her emotional journey during her time in prison, where she adapted quickly and even tried to maintain a confident demeanor, winking and greeting the other inmates.

She discovered that many of the women she met in prison were locked up for minor offenses, including some whose husbands had imprisoned them.

Some of these women were incarcerated with their children.

In the interview, Tems shed light on the challenging circumstances she and Omah Lay faced during their arrest in Uganda.

The incident occurred on December 12, 2020, after their performance at The Big Brunch in Kampala, Uganda.

They were charged with violating COVID-19 guidelines following the country’s lockdown.

Tems’ account of her ordeal in Ugandan prison reveals the harsh realities faced by individuals who find themselves in such situations.

Her resilience and ability to adapt to the challenging environment are commendable.

This interview provides insight into the importance of understanding local regulations and being cautious while traveling, especially in a foreign country.

It also sheds light on the plight of women who are unjustly incarcerated and the difficulties they face.

Tems’ story serves as a reminder of the need for fair and just treatment for all, regardless of their circumstances.

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