Grammy-Winning Nigerian Sensation Tems Opens Up About Childhood Bullying Over Her Voice

Grammy-Winning Nigerian Sensation Tems Opens Up About Childhood Bullying Over Her Voice

Voice Struggles Revealed

In a candid interview with The Cut, Grammy-winning Nigerian singer Tems shares the emotional journey of being bullied for the pitch of her voice during her childhood.

Disclosing that she refrained from speaking until the age of three, Tems expresses the challenges she faced, feeling self-conscious about her voice that differed from her peers.

Bullying and Tears

Tems recounts the harsh reality of constant bullying, revealing that she was a target of ridicule to the point of tears.

The singer reflects on the impact of the relentless teasing, which led her to believe that her voice resembled that of a boy or even a frog, fostering the perception that her vocal tone was undesirable.

Isolation and Self-Consciousness

Growing up in her own world, Tems struggled with making friends, as she shares her experience of trying to involve others in singing her songs.

The contrast between her deep, bass voice and the sweet, high voices of other girls intensified her self-consciousness, creating a sense of isolation.

Early Musical Beginnings as a Response to Loneliness

Building on her previous revelation that she started making music because she lacked friends, Tems emphasizes the role of her isolated childhood in steering her towards music as a means of expression and connection.

Tems Reflects on Nigerian Womanhood as a Miracle

In a separate interview with Kiss FM, London, Tems delves into her perspective on being a Nigerian woman.

Describing it as a “miracle,” she acknowledges the inherent challenges faced by Nigerians but asserts that there is a unique blessing attached to being a Nigerian woman.

Nigerian Women: Blessed and Special

Despite the undeniable hardships of living in Nigeria, especially as a woman, Tems expresses her belief that Nigerian women are exceptionally blessed.

She encourages tapping into one’s gifts, embracing individuality, and being unapologetic about it.

According to her, taking one’s talent to the world is an honor and a testament to the resilience and strength of Nigerian women.

Honoring Nigerian Women’s Strength

Tems concludes by highlighting the honor she finds in the strength and uniqueness of Nigerian women, emphasizing the significance of living in this era as a blessing.

The singer encourages women to embrace their gifts, overcome challenges, and take pride in their identity as Nigerian women, adding depth to the ongoing narrative of strength, resilience, and celebration of individuality.

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