Teens’ Gruesome Murder of Joseph Riches Shock Stourbridge Community

Teens’ Gruesome Murder of Joseph Riches Shock Stourbridge Community

Chilling Ambush in Broad Daylight

A gang of teenagers, including Dray Simmonds, Joshua Edgington, Corey Burkitt, and Leroy Robinson, ambushed 16-year-old Joseph Riches in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

The brutal attack occurred on July 15, with the assailants reportedly filming the assault on their phones.

Fatal Blow with 24-Inch Machete

Joseph Riches, who had initially attacked two individuals with a screwdriver, was fatally stabbed with a 24-inch machete during the ambush.

Simmonds, 19 at the time, delivered the fatal blow, while Burkitt and Robinson, both 16 during the attack, were convicted of murder on a joint enterprise basis.

Heartbreaking Aftermath and Party Revelations

After the murder, Joseph’s lifeless body was discovered in an abandoned car, miles away from the scene.

Shockingly, the perpetrators attended a party later that evening, where footage of the gruesome stabbing was played to the crowd. The court heard that this display was seemingly intended to “glory in it.”

Sentences Handed Down

In a court hearing at Coventry Crown Court, Simmonds was jailed for life with a minimum term of 21 years, while Edgington received a life sentence with a minimum of 21 years, plus an additional 24 months for the bladed weapon.

Burkitt and Robinson, both 16 at the time, were handed 15-year and 15-and-a-half-year minimum terms, respectively.

Judge’s Remarks on Compliance

Judge Mr. Justice Wall emphasized that all four defendants were complicit in the attack, with Simmonds and Edgington being the “prime movers.”

The judge noted that the actions of the gang, including filming the assault, were wholly disproportionate to the initial altercation where Joseph Riches had attacked them with a screwdriver.

Victim’s Mother Speaks Out

Joseph’s mother, Sarah, expressed her grief in a statement, describing her son as an “amazing young man.”

She highlighted the devastating impact of his murder on the family and emphasized that she would “never forgive and never forget.”

Law Enforcement Perspective

Detective Chief Inspector Laura Harrison from West Midlands Police’s homicide unit commented on the tragic incident, labeling it as “another young life lost to knife crime.”

She emphasized the severe consequences faced by those involved in the attack, emphasizing the high price paid for a young life.