Team GB’s Jack Laugher and Noah Williams Use OnlyFans to Support Olympic Ambitions

Team GB’s Jack Laugher and Noah Williams Use OnlyFans to Support Olympic Ambitions

Team GB divers have reportedly turned to OnlyFans to help fund their Olympic dreams, making thousands of pounds through risqué photos and personal chats with fans.

In the same week they were selected for the Paris Olympics, Jack Laugher MBE, 29, and Noah Williams, 23, both posted on the online platform, according to The Sun.

Profiles and Content on OnlyFans

Jack Laugher, a gold medalist, describes himself on OnlyFans as a “28-year-old British diver & Olympic Champion.”

He has uploaded content for paying members, offering glimpses into his life and athletic journey.

Meanwhile, Noah Williams posted a video and described his content as “SFW” (safe for work), encouraging fans to support his Olympic journey with two posts a week and opportunities to chat with him personally.

Achievements and Athletic Backgrounds

Jack Laugher made history by becoming the first-ever Olympic diving champion for Great Britain in 2016.

His illustrious career includes a vast collection of medals, with three from the Olympics alone, as detailed on the Aquatics GB website.

Noah Williams, known for being Tom Daley’s diving partner, recently finished second with Daley in the synchronized 10-meter platform event at a competition in Doha, trailing only the Chinese duo Yang Hao and Lian Junjie.

Financial Implications and Athlete Earnings

It is believed that Jack and Noah could be earning thousands of pounds each month from their OnlyFans accounts.

This raises questions about the financial support athletes receive and how much they need to earn outside their sport. They are not alone in this endeavor; other Team GB divers, including Daniel Goodfellow, 27, and Matthew Dixon, 24, have also joined OnlyFans.

Other Divers on OnlyFans

Daniel Goodfellow, who hails from Cambridge, won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics while diving with Tom Daley and has had other successes in various competitions.

Matthew Dixon, described as a “rising star” by Aquatics GB, is also among those divers leveraging OnlyFans to supplement their income.

Public and Organizational Reactions

A source told The Sun that these divers train incredibly hard and have little time to earn money outside of their training schedules.

They remarked that if divers can enhance their income by using OnlyFans, they deserve good fortune.

The source also mentioned that, ideally, athletes would receive more financial support so they wouldn’t need to seek additional income sources.

However, the bosses are reportedly very relaxed about the divers’ OnlyFans activities.

Official Responses and Comments

MailOnline has reached out to OnlyFans, Aquatics GB, and Team GB for comments on the divers’ use of the platform.

This move by the divers highlights broader issues concerning athlete compensation and the lengths to which athletes must go to fund their training and competitive careers.


The use of OnlyFans by Team GB divers Jack Laugher and Noah Williams to fund their Olympic aspirations underscores the financial challenges faced by athletes.

While their decision to join OnlyFans has garnered attention and raised questions about athlete earnings, it also reflects the innovative ways athletes are seeking to support their dreams.

With the Paris Olympics on the horizon, these divers are not only preparing for their events but also finding creative solutions to sustain their athletic careers