Emma Raducanu Highlights Gender Inequality in Tennis as She Gears Up for French Open Comeback

Emma Raducanu Highlights Gender Inequality in Tennis as She Gears Up for French Open Comeback

Emma Raducanu is gradually making her way back to the tennis courts after a challenging period marked by injuries.

Despite the setbacks, the British tennis star, now 21, has voiced strong opinions about the gender disparities in the sport, emphasizing that female tennis players are often underappreciated.

Rising Star and Subsequent Challenges

Raducanu captured the world’s attention when she won the US Open at just 18 in 2021, marking her as one of the brightest prospects in British tennis.

However, the years following her remarkable victory have been tough, with injuries hindering her progress. Recently, she has been stepping up her comeback efforts and is set to participate in the qualifying rounds for the French Open next week.

Addressing Gender Inequality

Ahead of the prestigious event at Roland-Garros, Raducanu spoke candidly about the unequal treatment of female tennis players compared to their male counterparts.

In an interview with The Times, she highlighted the disparity in prize money and recognition between the genders. “A lot of women’s players are technically better,” Raducanu stated. “They rely on speed, agility, and brain rather than brute strength.”

Prize Money Discrepancies

Raducanu pointed out that while the French Open offers equal prize money to both male and female winners—each receiving €2.4 million (£2.1 million)—this is not a common practice across all tournaments.

For instance, the Italian Open this week awards £550,000 to its female champion, significantly less than the £750,000 given to the male winner.

Raducanu argued that this gap is unjust, although she acknowledged the physical demands of men’s five-set matches compared to the women’s three-set matches.

Balancing Career and Endorsements

Despite her dedication to tennis, Raducanu has faced criticism for her involvement in various marketing and sponsorship deals. Some critics argue that these commitments distract from her development on the court.

Raducanu, however, stands by her decision to engage in these opportunities, which include partnerships with British Airways, Porsche, Evian, Nike, and HSBC. She insists that these activities do not detract from her focus on tennis.

Family Influence and Work Ethic

Raducanu attributes her success and strong work ethic to her parents, Ian and Renee. She described them as “pushy” during her upbringing, which she believes has contributed to her resilience and determination.

“They are so pushy. When I was younger more so. Now they tell me what they think is best, but they realize ultimately that the more they push, the more I resist,” she explained. Raducanu noted that some of her junior peers with more lenient parents no longer play tennis, highlighting the importance of her parents’ approach.

Personal Reflections

Reflecting on her upbringing, Raducanu shared that her parents were very strict about her social life, particularly concerning boyfriends and hanging out with friends.

This strictness often led to feelings of resentment, but she now sees it as a strength. “It made me very confident and comfortable in my own company, which is also a big strength,” she added.

Support from Fellow Players

Notably, Iga Swiatek, a fellow tennis player, has expressed her support for Raducanu’s return to the sport.

Swiatek believes that Raducanu has the potential to become one of the biggest stars in tennis once again, underscoring the significant talent and determination that Raducanu brings to the court.


Emma Raducanu’s journey back to tennis is marked by both her advocacy for gender equality in the sport and her relentless drive to overcome past challenges.

As she prepares for the French Open qualifiers, her focus remains on both her athletic comeback and her broader impact on the sport.

With her talent, work ethic, and outspoken stance on important issues, Raducanu is poised to make a significant mark in the world of tennis once again.

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