Swingers Sex Party in Tempsford, What to Wear and Rules to Follow

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. Some Britons planning to attend a swingers sex party at The Vanilla Alternative club in Tempsford, Bedfordshire on May 6 will have to put more thought into their outfits than Union Jack enthusiasts attending the King’s Coronation celebrations at Buckingham Palace.

The exclusive event, hosted by Chic Events, will feature ‘Britain’s most famous swinger’ Vista Wife and her husband Gage, who have become prominent advocates for the lifestyle.

Men are not allowed to wear ripped or baggy jeans, T-shirts, trainers, caps, or hats, and are advised to consider a “hot looking waistcoat, trousers or fitted designer jeans”.

Ladies are recommended to wear “a chic or sexy dress, with a nice set of heels”, but lingerie is optional.


Attendees must be “well groomed”, “classy”, and aged between 21 and 40.

The party will take place from 8 pm to 3 am and will have play areas available for swingers to use, as well as condoms on-site.

Analysis and commentaries:


This news story about a swingers sex party provides an interesting insight into a subculture that is often kept out of the public eye.

The Vanilla Alternative club, which claims to be the “classiest and most elegant swinging club”, has firm rules for its guests, including a strict dress code and a ban on mobile phones in play areas.

The fact that the event is hosted by Chic Events, which claims to be number one for UK adult parties, suggests that there is a demand for this type of entertainment.

The involvement of Vista Wife and Gage, who are known for their openness about their swinging lifestyle, adds a level of celebrity to the event.

The rules for the party, such as the requirement to be “well groomed” and “classy”, suggest that the organisers are trying to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

The emphasis on designer clothes and lingerie also implies that the guests are expected to be affluent and fashionable.

The fact that the party is for selected guests only, and that men must wear “fitted designer jeans”, suggests that there is an element of exclusivity to the event.

It is not clear how much the tickets cost, but it is likely to be a significant amount, given the emphasis on designer clothing and the upscale location.


The mention of Zoe Grey, a Babestation model who is a member of The Vanilla Alternative club, adds a layer of intrigue to the story.

Grey has spoken openly about her adventurous private life, which includes swinging and being in an open relationship.

The fact that she is a public figure and is willing to talk about her experiences suggests that there is a growing acceptance of alternative sexual lifestyles in society.

The inclusion of Vista Wife, who is a mother from Lincolnshire, also challenges stereotypes about swingers being young and single.

The statement that “manners cost nothing” and that consent is essential highlights the importance of respectful behaviour in the swinging community.

The fact that Chic Events has strict rules about dress and behaviour suggests that they are trying to create a safe and welcoming environment for their guests.

The inclusion of condoms on-site also demonstrates a commitment to sexual health and safety.

However, the fact that the party is only open to a select group of people suggests that there may be some elitism or snobbery within the swinging community.


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