5 Amazing Ways to Wear a Knitted Tie

5 Amazing Ways to Wear a Knitted Tie

The purpose of a tie is to communicate a classy look, blend the attire you are putting on and boost your overall looks. There are different types of ties to select from; one is the knitted option, which can be suitable for different fashion needs, such as contemporary fashion. There are various designs and finishings of knitted ties to select for your suits and attire.

One of the most preferred and commonly used knitted ties is the silk knitted tie due to its glossy and attractive looks, making it suitable for official and business looks. When selecting the ties, consider the event and the purpose of your fashion to select an ideal tie to match all these needs. Consider these guidelines to help you choose knitted ties for your upcoming needs. 

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  1. Knitted ties for business suits

Knitted ties are sometimes universal and can match all clothes, including formal and casual wear, meaning you can use them for your official and business suits. When selecting the ties for the business suit, you should select those with uniform colors to avoid having many colors that may affect your looks. The color should at least blend and match the official suit; it can blend with the shirt of the coat you are putting on. 

The best-knit ties for official clothing can be silk knit ties due to their ability to soften your looks and the high-end appearance and glossy looks from afar. You can also select those made from wool; however, you need to be keen about the type of coat you put on. The woolen will match with knit suits to give contemporary and matching looks. 

There is a range of wool knit ties to select from; hence you need to choose something neutral such as gray or mild black, that will easily blend with all types of coats. It can also work with other business suits, but you have to use it for specific colors such as black, blue, gray, and other conservative and less screaming colors.

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  1. Knitted tie for the blazers

One of the biggest challenges and stress is selecting a knitted tie for blazers since blazers are usually available in different designs such as appearance and colors. The ties can work with single or multi-colored blazers. They are also ideal for less formal blazers; hence you can put them on for other events, including non-official duties. It can also help you match everything by ensuring the pants and the blazers match together to generate the most fabulous looks. For such needs, you can select a knitted tie resembling pants.

It is also a good option when putting on striped shirts with a blazer; you must ensure it blends with the shirts and some colors on the blazer. For a blazer, you can select a bolder or light-colored knitted tie depending on the looks you desire to communicate. For fresh and rejuvenated looks, you can choose more daring colors, such as purple; for other looks, you can choose colors, like black. Black can also be ideal when you are unsure how to match the clothing. 

  1. Knitted ties for other outfits

Knitted ties can be suitable for other jackets, pull necks, and coats. One of the needs is putting on tweeted coats and jackets with various colors to form different patterns and designs. For an occasion such as when the inner blazer, the shirt, and the jacket varies, the knitted tie can be an excellent option to tie these differences together to create a unique and cool look. The advantage of putting them on for these outfits is that you have a wide range of ties, but selecting a uniform color is ideal.

The color must not match any of the outfits, but the main goal is to make the outfits blend perfectly, or you can use the tie for color breaking or create a unique color scheme and combination. It can also be used for winter fashion when people wear heavy knitted jackets and coats. The tie will add warmth and boost your sense of fashion. Winter knitted jackets also tend to be dull; hence you need the tie to add color to the fashion. Therefore, select a bright-colored knitted tie for these dull jackets. Winter knitted ties should be light and bright to create summery looks and eliminate dullness. 

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  1. For casual wears

Sometimes you need ties for informal attire, such as when putting on jeans, khaki pants, a blazer, or a jacket for the weekends. You should be bold about putting them on in public as long as you have a cool and classic look. They can go with trench coats of different colors. When using them for casual wear, ensure the tie matches the shirt you are putting on since it can blend with other jackets. 

For casual looks, you can select multi-colored or uniformly colored knitted ties. One of the best options is to choose a red tie when putting on a white shirt, a black one when putting on a blue shirt, etc. These looks and selections are suitable for cold seasons to add some fuzziness to your fashion and add some warmth. You can also use silk knitted ties, such as red silk, to add brightness and glossiness to the final look. 

You can also use them for relaxed looks, especially during the summer when you do not need jackets due to the heat. The ties can make a good match and impression when putting on V-shaped vests and blazers. The other option is to use them for other casual jackets such as safari and Harrington. 

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  1. Knitted ties for different events

Knitted ties may only be suitable for some occasions; however, the selection will depend on the suit you are putting on. You can use them for casual days when attending informal business meetings or company events. They can also be suitable for day and night events and other celebratory occasions. Consider them a better option when attending a party or a celebratory event such as weddings, prom, holiday parties, and date nights. Before you use them for any event, check yourself in the mirror to ensure everything matches ideally. 

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Knitted ties are becoming popular due to their fashion contribution, especially for those desiring contemporary and traditional looks. They can blend with different jackets for casual and informal events if you select the perfect colors. When attending an event, they can also make you look fashionable and stand out from the crowd. Finally, you should ensure everything blends ideally. 


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