South African Boy wears skirt to school after Triangle Project says boys can wear skirt if they want

South African Boy wears skirt to school after Triangle Project says boys can wear skirt if they want

The Triangle Project launched a campaign earlier this month to enable males to wear skirts to school.
This week, a young Cape Town kid stirred a heated debate on whether or not boys should be allowed to wear skirts if they so desire.
Unsurprisingly, social media users were split on the subject, with many men dismissing the concept outright.
Is it appropriate for boys to wear skirts to school? Here’s what SA had to say about it.
The Triangle Project, an LGBTQI+ organization, has been fighting for boys to be permitted to wear skirts to school if they wish to.
The South African previously reported that the organisation wants schools to adopt a dress code that allows for gender-neutral uniforms.

“Schools need to adopt dress codes that allow for gender-neutral uniforms and creative combinations of clothing items, which any learner should be able to wear regardless of their gender identity or sex.”

“Not doing so, constitute human rights violation.”

And now the conversation has once again been brought to light after one Cape Town boy showed up to school wearing a skirt. On February 16, Radio2000 shared a tweet about the incident:

“A debate has arisen over a boy wearing a skirt at a Cape Town school. This has sparked a controversy on whether it’s time for pupils to be able to wear the school uniform of their choosing. Your thoughts?”


Here’s what South Africans think about boys wearing skirts to school:
@Koko_Mmakgabo said:

“This is completely ridiculous and canner be tolerated essentially in African soil. Africa is a land of decency, principles, and ethical conduct. No way a man can wear a skirt on a public space bathong, aowa hle bo lena.”

@SalimMathomane said:

“Wear whatever you wanna wear.”

@cindy_soty said:

“It’s about time we had this conversation. Skirts/dresses/dashikis etc have been worn and are still being worn and associated with “religion” or “cultural” attire. Men need to address their masculinity aside. Don’t see anything wrong with boys wearing skirts.”