Surprising Interview Details: Meghan and Prince Harry’s Love Revealed

In September 2017, Meghan Markle found herself on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, but the Palace was far from pleased.

Author Tom Bower sheds light on the situation, revealing that Meghan had initially agreed to a cautious approach for her major interview with the magazine.

She aimed to avoid controversial subjects like racial politics, Donald Trump, or her budding relationship with Prince Harry.

Therefore, a cover story with the headline ‘She’s just wild about Harry!’ was not part of the plan.

A Phone Call in Dismay

Shortly after pre-publication copies of the magazine were distributed, Meghan urgently contacted her public relations firm to convey the Palace’s dismay, according to Tom Bower.

Initially ecstatic about the opportunity to grace Vanity Fair’s cover, Meghan’s enthusiasm seemed to wane as the interview’s focus shifted.

Instead of centering on her philanthropy and her role in the legal soap opera ‘Suits,’ the questions veered toward her relationship with Prince Harry.

Meghan candidly stated, ‘We’re a couple.

We’re in love.’

A Surprise Encounter

The interview itself took place at Meghan’s home and was conducted by Sam Kashner, a Vanity Fair contributing editor who admitted he had little knowledge of Meghan before the encounter.

Meghan’s comments during the interview surprised many.

She expressed her hope that people would understand that this was her and Harry’s time, emphasizing the personal nature of their relationship.

A Thunderclap of Controversy

The pre-publication copies of Vanity Fair’s September 2017 edition reached both Meghan’s PR agency and Buckingham Palace.

Meghan’s unexpected openness about her relationship with Harry caught the Palace off guard, causing a sensational reaction.

Some accused Meghan of using her connection with Harry to promote herself, calling her intentions into question.

Royal Fascination or Naivety?

Meghan’s knowledge of the British Royal family before meeting Prince Harry remains a subject of debate.

Childhood friend Ninaki Priddy suggested that Meghan had always been fascinated by the royal family and had aspirations akin to ‘Princess Diana 2.0.’ A picture of a 15-year-old Meghan in front of Buckingham Palace had surfaced, hinting at her earlier fascination with royalty.

However, Meghan had also claimed not to have looked up her husband online, raising questions about her awareness of the Royal family’s intricacies.

A Dream of Royalty

Ninaki Priddy, who ended her friendship with Meghan before the duchess began dating Prince Harry, shared insights into Meghan’s interests.

Meghan had Princess Diana’s book, ‘Diana: Her True Story,’ on her bookshelf, and she had expressed a desire to stay in London for an extended period.

Her fascination with the idea of joining a Royal Family, reminiscent of the plot in ‘The Princess Diaries,’ was evident.

Meghan Markle’s journey from a Vanity Fair cover story to becoming part of the British Royal family was marked by unexpected twists and turns, as well as questions about her intentions and her knowledge of royalty.