Tyson Fury’s Surprising Fear Revealed: The Gypsy King’s Phobia of Worms

Tyson Fury, the renowned heavyweight boxer with a larger-than-life persona, is no stranger to the boxing world.

His brashness, quick wit, and knack for psychological warfare make him a dominant figure inside the ring.

However, when it comes to life outside of boxing, there’s an amusing twist to the Gypsy King’s story – he’s absolutely terrified of worms!

Despite towering over most of his opponents in the boxing ring, Fury has a comical phobia of these legless creatures.

He shared this unusual fear during an interview with Mail Sport at a recent event leading up to his crossover bout with Francis Ngannou.

When asked to reveal something no one knows about him, Fury confessed, “I have a phobia of worms.

I am absolutely terrified of worms.

It’s because my little brother Shane used to fill my wellies up with worms.

He used to pick out the biggest worms.

I still have nightmares about it now, even when I see adult-size welly boots.

So, yeah, I am absolutely terrified of worms. There you go!”

Fortunately for Fury, his upcoming bout with Francis Ngannou will not involve any worms.

Instead, it’s a high-stakes fight against a former UFC heavyweight champion, and it’s set to take place in Saudi Arabia.

This event will determine who truly holds the title of “Baddest man on the planet.”

Interestingly, Francis Ngannou boasts a record for the hardest punch ever recorded in the world, with a striking power of 129,161 units, as measured by a PowerKube.

No one has surpassed this record, and even the former World’s Strongest Man winner, Eddie Hall, fell short in attempting to do so.

However, the question remains whether Ngannou can land a powerful punch on Fury, who typically weighs in at 263lbs.

This weekend’s showdown between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou is set to be broadcast live on various platforms, adding to the excitement of this unique crossover event in the world of combat sports.

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