Outrage Over Pasty Leads to Surprising Scooter Seizure in Devon

Bakery Brawl: A Pasty Predicament Unfolds

In the quaint port town of Bideford, Devon, an astonishing incident erupted outside the Country Cottage Bakery, sparking chaos over what seemed to be the last £4.30 steak pasty available.

Eyewitnesses captured the spectacle on video, revealing a surprising confrontation involving a pensioner on a mobility scooter.

Eyewitness Account of Unfolding Events

Shopper Oak Leigh described witnessing the altercation, noting that the elderly individual seemed to be directing frustration at several people outside the bakery after reportedly securing the last available pasty. The situation quickly escalated as the mobility scooter user engaged in a slow-motion confrontation, holding his walking stick while maneuvering the scooter.

Startling Confrontation Caught on Video

The recorded footage portrays a tense moment where the scooter user appears to target another individual, causing them to fall over a sign. The scene unfolds amidst cries for help and attempts by bystanders to assist the fallen individual.

Bakery’s Offerings and Unusual Police Intervention

The Country Cottage Bakery, known for its artisanal offerings including various pasties, witnessed this unexpected incident unfold. Subsequently, Devon and Cornwall police identified the scooter user, leading to the scooter’s confiscation.

An amusing sight ensued as a PCSO was photographed riding the scooter back to the police station.

Police Statement and Ongoing Investigation

Bideford Police addressed the peculiar incident, highlighting their response and the subsequent seizure of the mobility scooter.

They appealed for any individuals involved in the altercation to come forward and report the incident, providing a log number for reference.

Conclusion and Appeal for Information

As the bakery clash sparked an unexpected turn of events in the peaceful town of Bideford, authorities seek further information to better understand the situation and ensure resolution.

The unusual incident involving a mobility scooter and a seemingly mundane purchase resonated across the community, prompting curiosity and astonishment among residents.

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