Planning Row Erupts as 83-Year-Old Must Take Down Storage Shed for Mobility Scooter

Planning Row Erupts as 83-Year-Old Must Take Down Storage Shed for Mobility Scooter

A former nurse, Dorothy Slater, residing in an apartment block in Colwyn Bay, Conwy, finds herself embroiled in a dispute over the placement of a storage shed for her mobility scooter.


This situation has unfolded after receiving complaints from the housing complex’s management regarding the shed’s presence.

The contention arises from Dorothy Slater’s disagreement with the housing complex’s assertion that prior approval for the storage unit’s location had not been obtained.

Origins of the Shed Installation

Dorothy Slater, aged 83, opted to place her storage shed within a parking space at the corner of the apartment block’s car park.

Her intent was to create a discreet area where both she and another resident could conveniently store their mobility scooters.


Mrs. Slater asserts that she obtained verbal consent from a member of the site’s staff to establish the 8x6ft structure within her designated parking bay.

Contradictory Claims and Removal Mandate

However, the situation took a turn when Emeritus Homes plc, the entity responsible for the apartment complex, communicated in writing that complaints had been lodged against the shed’s presence.

According to this communication, Mrs. Slater had not secured proper advance permission for the shed’s installation.

As a result, she has been instructed to dismantle the structure.

Emeritus Homes plc, which manages the facility as an independent living space for individuals aged 55 and above, maintains that a replacement structure could be considered if formal plans are submitted and subsequently approved.


Dorothy Slater’s Medical Condition and Background

Dorothy Slater’s past includes a career as a State Enrolled Nurse at Llandudno Hospital, followed by running a catering business for tradesmen before her retirement.

She currently grapples with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, which necessitates her use of a mobility scooter for assistance.

Stressing the shed’s significance, she expressed that the structure had provided protection to her scooter, which had previously been exposed under a sheet outdoors for a year.

The shed has been in place for a span of five weeks and is shared by two individuals.

Its security is ensured through the use of a padlock.


The Housing Complex’s Stipulations and Future Actions

The correspondence from Emeritus Homes Ltd., based in Manchester, outlines the communal nature of the car park and underscores that any additions to the area must receive written approval from the landlord in advance.

The shed’s dimensions and appearance have led to criticism, prompting the request for the current structure’s removal.

This demand stands until a proposal for a replacement structure is formally submitted and subsequently endorsed.

The opinions of Emeritus Homes plc regarding this situation are pending, as efforts to gather their response continue.


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