Speed Darlington Rejects Marriage to Women Over 30, Cites Financial Concerns

…By for TDPel Media. Speed Darlington, the US-based Nigerian hip-hop singer, has expressed his firm decision never to marry a woman who is 30 years old or above.


In a viral video online, the controversial rapper stated that he would rather remain single for life than tie the knot with a woman in her 30s.

He further explained his reasons, claiming that older women tend to be financially independent but fail to contribute to household expenses.

A Firm Vow Against Marriage to Women Over 30:

In the widely circulated video, Speed Darlington, also known as Darlington Okoye, asserted his resolve never to marry a woman who is 30 years old or older.


The singer made it clear that he is willing to lead a solitary life rather than settle down with a woman in that age bracket.

Preference for Donating Properties to Charity:

Speed Darlington expressed that he would rather donate all his properties to charity than enter into a marital union with a woman in her 30s.

This strong stance highlights his aversion to forming a family with someone he perceives as older.

Financial Concerns as a Primary Factor:

The hip-hop singer cited financial issues as the main reason for his decision.

He claimed that older women, despite being financially well-off, do not contribute adequately to family expenses.


This, he believes, makes it preferable for him to avoid such relationships.

Cultural Differences in Attitudes Toward Wealthy Women:

Speed Darlington pointed out cultural disparities between Nigeria and Western countries like America and Europe regarding men’s attitudes toward financially successful women.

He argued that in Nigeria, men are often eager to marry wealthy women, whereas in America and Europe, this is less common due to the perception that rich women tend to keep their money to themselves.

Challenges to Traditional Gender Roles:

The singer’s remarks reflect certain societal expectations and traditional gender roles prevalent in Nigeria, where the responsibility for financial matters is often assigned to men.

He contrasts this with the perceived independence of wealthy women in Western cultures, which, he claims, leads to men being less inclined to seek such relationships.



Speed Darlington’s viral video showcases his uncompromising stance against marrying a woman over 30, emphasizing his preference for a younger partner.

His decision appears to be rooted in concerns about financial dynamics within relationships, particularly with older women who may be financially independent but not necessarily contribute to household expenses.

The singer’s views shed light on cultural attitudes toward wealth and gender roles, highlighting the complexity of societal perceptions in matters of love and marriage.

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