Controversial Rapper Speed Darlington Demands Payment as a Celebrity, Sparks Debate

Controversial Rapper Speed Darlington Demands Payment as a Celebrity, Sparks Debate

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Controversial Nigerian hip-hop artist, Darlington Okoye, popularly known as Speed Darlington, has expressed his belief that he should be compensated for being a celebrity.


Recently, he faced criticism from fans for requesting a payment of N5,000 before hugging or taking pictures with them.

However, in a recent interview on The Honest Bunch podcast, co-hosted by media personality Nedu, Speed Darlington defended his stance on being paid as a celebrity.

During the interview, Speed Darlington insisted, “I really think I should be paid for being a celebrity.”

When Nedu countered that his celebrity status relied on the love of his fans, Speed Darlington challenged this viewpoint by questioning what generates that love and why people do not hug mentally ill individuals on the street.

Speed Darlington’s Call for Biafra Referendum

In addition to his stance on celebrity compensation, Speed Darlington has taken a political stance by urging the incoming lawmakers from the South-East zone in Nigeria’s 10th National Assembly to demand a Biafra referendum.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the rapper expressed his belief that the Igbos are in bondage and need to establish their own separate country.


According to Speed Darlington, the incoming lawmakers have the opportunity to advocate for a Biafra referendum, which would grant the Igbos independence and liberation from their current situation.

He passionately called for the politicians to take action and work towards freeing the Igbos from what he referred to as “hell.”


Speed Darlington’s recent statements have sparked controversy once again.

While asserting his right to be paid as a celebrity, he has also taken a political stance by calling for a Biafra referendum.

These two separate issues have garnered attention and ignited discussions surrounding the value of celebrity status and the quest for self-determination among certain regions in Nigeria.


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