Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales Suspended After World Cup Kiss Controversy


In a stunning turn of events, the President of the Spanish Football Association (FA), Luis Rubiales, has been provisionally suspended following allegations from footballer Jenni Hermoso.

The controversy centers around an incident where Hermoso claims she did not consent to being kissed by Rubiales during World Cup celebrations.

The FA released an extraordinary statement announcing Rubiales’ suspension, barring him from all football-related activities for 90 days.

He is also prohibited from contacting Hermoso or her close circle.

The FA expressed commitment to respecting the integrity of all individuals and condemned any behavior to the contrary.


Allegations and Responses

Jenni Hermoso, through the Spanish players’ union FUTPRO, vehemently denied giving consent for the kiss, describing it as an impulse-driven, sexist act without her agreement.

A statement signed by 56 players declared they would not play until Rubiales was removed from his position.

Rubiales had claimed that he asked for permission and received a positive response from Hermoso, but she insisted this was false and manipulative.

The Spanish FA countered by stating that Rubiales acted with utmost respect and that false information was being spread about him.

They claimed that evidence was conclusive that Rubiales had not lied and provided a photo-by-photo rundown of the incident to support their assertion.


Hermoso’s Stand

Hermoso released a comprehensive statement in which she expressed her dismay at the incident.

She accused the Spanish FA of pressuring her to make statements that aligned with Rubiales’ version of events.

She stood firm in her assertion that the kiss was non-consensual and emphasized her commitment to not tolerate such behavior.

Her emotional statement highlighted the broader issue of non-consensual behaviors and manipulative cultures, calling for change.

Backlash and FIFA Investigation

Rubiales’ actions received widespread condemnation.


Players, including high-profile figures like Alexis Putellas and Cata Coll, expressed support for Hermoso and criticized the FA’s handling of the situation.

Men’s national team striker Borja Iglesias also quit playing for Spain in protest against Rubiales’ actions.

FIFA initiated an investigation into Rubiales’ conduct.


The controversy surrounding the alleged non-consensual kiss between Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermoso has led to Rubiales’ provisional suspension from his role as President of the Spanish FA.

The conflicting accounts and the larger discussion of consent, respect, and integrity in sports have sparked widespread reactions and calls for change within the football community.


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