Spain’s Football Community Divided: Rubiales’ Allies Clash with Government

Spain’s Football Community Divided: Rubiales’ Allies Clash with Government


In the wake of a shocking incident that unfolded eight days ago, the realm of Spanish football finds itself embroiled in a tumultuous maelstrom of controversy.

Luis Rubiales, the chief of the Spanish Football Association (FA), forcibly kissed World Cup player Jenni Hermosa during a public event, triggering a firestorm that has left Spain’s football landscape shaken to its core.

The Unfolding Drama

The incident involving Rubiales and Hermosa has taken numerous unexpected turns, casting a shadow over the recent success of the Spanish national team on the global stage.

What started as an inappropriate kiss has evolved into a saga reminiscent of the #MeToo movement, revealing deep-rooted issues within the Spanish football community.

Incredulity and Defiance

Amid the turmoil, astonishment and disbelief reign among both the Spanish football team and its fervent fanbase.


Despite widespread calls for his resignation, Rubiales remains resolute in his position, defending his actions and dismissing the demand for his departure.

This defiance is particularly jarring in light of his controversial behavior, which extended beyond the incident with Hermosa to include crude gestures during a match against England.

A Mother’s Stand: Hunger Strike for Justice

Adding another layer of peculiarity to the situation, Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar, has locked herself in a church in a hunger strike protest against what she perceives as the unjust treatment of her son.

The situation has escalated to the point where prosecutors have launched a probe into Rubiales’ actions, considering them as possible instances of sexual assault.

Champions League Chaos Looms

In an unexpected twist that threatens the very fabric of Spanish football, powerhouse clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid are facing potential expulsion from the prestigious Champions League.


The Spanish FA’s unconventional move to call for their ousting from the tournament has raised eyebrows and generated accusations of self-sabotage.

The situation presents a complex web of political maneuvering and power struggles within the Spanish football hierarchy.

Defiance and Division

The divide within the Spanish FA is palpable, with Rubiales’ allies within the organization frustrated by the government’s involvement in demanding his resignation.

This frustration has led to a risky gambit — potentially sacrificing the country’s entire roster of football clubs in a bid to save Rubiales’ reputation and position.

A Society’s Response: Outrage and Resilience

As the saga continues to unravel, Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz has fiercely criticized Rubiales and denounced systemic male chauvinism in the country.


Over 80 current and former Spanish players, including those who represented the nation at the Women’s World Cup, have expressed their solidarity by refusing to participate until Rubiales steps down.

An Ugly Blight on Spanish Football

The controversy surrounding Rubiales and his actions not only tarnishes the achievements of Spanish women’s soccer but also exposes deep-rooted issues within the football administration.

The incident has led to resignations within the FA’s board and sparked internal investigations to address allegations of sexual violence.

A Nation at a Crossroads

As Spain’s administrative court deliberates on the fate of Rubiales, the nation finds itself grappling with its image on the global stage.

The situation has triggered discussions about societal attitudes, gender equality, and the responsibility of sports organizations to foster a safe and respectful environment.


In a country that takes immense pride in its football heritage, the turmoil within the sport’s upper echelons serves as a sobering reminder of the work that remains to be done to ensure fairness, respect, and equality for all involved.

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