Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Warn Judiciary Against Divisive Judgments, Advocate for Unity

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. The Southern and Middle Belt Leaders (SMBLF) recently issued a communique in which they expressed their concerns and made various appeals to the judiciary and the government.


The leaders stressed the importance of avoiding judgments that would further divide the country.

Appeal for Impartiality in Election Petitions:

The SMBLF urged judges presiding over the President Election Petitions Tribunal to uphold impartiality in their judgments.

They emphasized that the entire nation is closely observing the proceedings and called for fairness and transparency.

The leaders reminded the judiciary that their judgments would greatly impact the country’s future and should align with the principles of the constitution and the laws of Nigeria.

Support for Youth Engagement in Politics:

Recognizing the enthusiasm and commitment of Nigerian youth in shaping the country’s future, the SMBLF commended their courage and astuteness.

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They encouraged the young generation not to be discouraged by certain outcomes but rather remain determined to build a new Nigeria.


The group emphasized that the struggle for positive change is ongoing and urged the youth to persevere.

Cautions on National Indebtedness and Rising Cost of Living:

Expressing serious concern over the escalating national debt, the SMBLF criticized the federal government’s request for an $800 million World Bank loan.

They called on the government to reconsider this request, considering the potential consequences for the country’s financial stability.

Additionally, the leaders decried the increasing cost of living and hyperinflation rates, which have left many ordinary Nigerians struggling to survive.

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They urged the government at all levels to take urgent and practical measures to revitalize the economy, control inflation, and improve citizens’ well-being and prospects.


In their communique, the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders called on the judiciary to exercise prudence and avoid judgments that would deepen divisions within the country.

They highlighted the significance of impartiality in election petitions, stressing that the nation is closely monitoring the judicial processes.

The SMBLF also expressed concerns about the rising national debt, the negative impact of loans, and the high cost of living, which have severely affected the ordinary citizens.


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They urged the government to take immediate steps to address these issues and enhance the well-being of Nigerians.

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