Nigerian Soldier Warns Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer Over Army Camouflage Skits

Nigerian Soldier Issues Warning to Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer for Camouflage Skits

In a recent incident, an alleged Nigerian soldier has raised concerns and issued a stern warning to Kelvin Power, Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, over his participation in skits while dressed in army camouflage attire.

Kelvin Power, known for his imposing physique and role as Kizz Daniel’s personal bodyguard, has been under the spotlight since his appointment.

Kelvin Power’s Skits in Army Camouflage

Kelvin Power’s actions came into focus when he was captured filming a skit while donning army camouflage attire.

This particular incident drew the ire of an unidentified Nigerian soldier, who voiced his disapproval in no uncertain terms.

The soldier made it clear that he was unimpressed by Kelvin Power’s strong appearance and had significant concerns about his choice of attire.

A Stern Rebuke from the Anonymous Soldier

The anonymous military man scolded Kelvin Power, emphasizing that the military uniform should not be treated lightly or mocked in any manner.

He made it abundantly clear that he did not care about Kelvin Power’s physical strength, and any further disregard for the uniform would not be tolerated.

The soldier warned that if he ever caught Kelvin Power repeating such actions, he would be compelled to take appropriate measures against him.

The incident has sparked discussions regarding the use of military attire in skits and the importance of respecting and upholding the integrity of such uniforms.

Video of the Warning

A video capturing the exchange between the Nigerian soldier and Kelvin Power has been widely circulated.

It serves as a testament to the soldier’s firm stance on the matter and underscores the significance of adhering to guidelines related to military uniforms.

The incident sheds light on the need for individuals to exercise caution and responsibility when using military attire in public settings or entertainment, as it can potentially lead to misunderstandings and repercussions.

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