Alleged Nigerian Soldier Rebukes Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer for Wearing Army Camouflage

Alleged Nigerian Soldier Rebukes Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer for Wearing Army Camouflage

Military Uniform Controversy

An alleged Nigerian soldier has sparked controversy by publicly reprimanding Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, Kelvin Power, for wearing army camouflage in skits.

The soldier berated Kelvin Power and emphasized the significance of the military uniform.

Intimidating Bodyguard

Kelvin Power, who serves as Kizz Daniel’s personal bodyguard, has gained significant attention due to his imposing physique.

His presence has been intimidating to many, but it was his recent choice of attire that caught the soldier’s attention.

The Army Camouflage Skit

Kelvin Power was spotted shooting a skit while dressed in army camouflage, a move that did not sit well with the unidentified Nigerian soldier.

He confronted Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, making it clear that he took issue with the use of the military uniform for entertainment purposes.

Strong Words from the Soldier

The soldier did not mince words and stated that the military uniform should never be subject to ridicule or used inappropriately.

He warned Kelvin Power that if he ever caught him wearing the army camouflage in public, he would take action against him.

Reactions on Social Media

The soldier’s confrontation with Kelvin Power ignited discussions on social media. Many users expressed their views on the matter, with some defending the soldier’s stance and others criticizing the controversy surrounding the use of military attire in skits.


The clash between an alleged Nigerian soldier and Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, Kelvin Power, over the use of army camouflage in a skit has raised questions about the appropriate use of military uniforms.

The incident has garnered attention on social media, with varying opinions on the soldier’s warning and the controversy surrounding the matter.