Pregnant Mom, Brother, and Boyfriend Fatally Shocked in Portland – Heartbreak Strikes Family

Pregnant Mom, Brother, and Boyfriend Fatally Shocked in Portland – Heartbreak Strikes Family

Tragic Electrocution in Portland: Young Mom, Brother, and Boyfriend Lose Lives

In a devastating incident in Portland, a young pregnant woman, Tajaliayh Briggs, 21, her 15-year-old brother, Ta’Ron Briggs, and her boyfriend, Nash, met a tragic end after being fatally electrocuted.

The horrifying event unfolded when live electricity cables fell on the couple’s car, leading to a series of fatal encounters.

Family’s Heartbreak: Pregnant Woman and Brother Electrocuted

Tajaliayh Briggs and her boyfriend, Nash, lost their lives when live cables fell on their car during an ice storm in Portland.

The young couple’s 9-month-old son, miraculously, survived the ordeal. Tajaliayh’s 15-year-old brother, Ta’Ron Briggs, ran to their aid but was also electrocuted and tragically died.

Ronald Briggs, the father, expressed his heartbreak over losing two of his children, stating, “It just hurts. Seeing my kids dying — I can’t do anything about it.”

Tragic Turn of Events: Attempted Rescue Ends in Further Loss

As Tajaliayh, Nash, and their son visited Ronald Briggs’ home due to Wi-Fi issues during an ice storm, a loud noise was heard as they left.

The family attempted to leave in their vehicle when they encountered the tragic incident. Tajaliayh tried to rescue Nash, resulting in their feet touching the live wire.

Ta’Ron ran to help but, unfortunately, touched the electrified water and also lost his life.

Surviving Miracles: Grandson Survives as Tragedy Unfolds

Tajaliayh’s grandson miraculously survived the incident, lying on top of Nash’s arms. The couple and Ta’Ron, however, died after their feet touched the pavement, transmitting electricity through the car, themselves, and into the ground.

Witness Majiah Washington recounted the swift and heartbreaking events, emphasizing that everything happened rapidly.

Emergency Response and Weather-Related Deaths: A Grim Day in Portland

Emergency responders arrived at the scene to find the family on the ground outside the car, along with a fallen branch that had collided with a powerline. The branch, strikingly captured in footage, fell directly onto the vehicle.

The individuals, upon contact with the ground and the car, became part of the active electrical circuit, resulting in their tragic deaths.

The incident adds to the rising toll of weather-related deaths in the region, marking a grim day for Portland with at least 10 recorded fatalities due to severe weather conditions.

Conclusion: Weather-Related Deaths Surge as Portland Faces Severe Conditions

As Portland grapples with severe winter weather, incidents like the tragic electrocution underscore the dangers posed by downed trees affecting power lines and posing threats to public safety.

The region has recorded multiple deaths due to hypothermia and accidents caused by fallen trees, highlighting the urgent need for increased safety measures and preparedness in the face of ongoing weather challenges.

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