Shocking Revelation: Unilag Hostel Resells for 350k with Deplorable Conditions

Shocking Revelation: Unilag Hostel Resells for 350k with Deplorable Conditions

A recent video that surfaced online has ignited a buzz on social media as it reveals the harsh reality of hostel life at the University of Lagos (Unilag). In the video, a student showcases the Makama hostel, which her friend acquired at an astounding price of 350,000 Naira.

This revelation has shed light on the challenges students face when it comes to securing accommodation on campus.

Hostel Balloting and Resale

For many university students, securing a hostel on campus is a competitive endeavor that often involves a balloting procedure.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to secure a hostel through this process. However, some students who do manage to secure a spot take advantage of the demand for accommodation near the university and engage in the resale of hostel spaces at inflated prices.

Exorbitant Pricing for Proximity

The student who shared the video of the Makama hostel shed light on the harsh reality of this resale practice.

Her friend, in this case, purchased a hostel space for a staggering 350,000 Naira. While the proximity to classes is a significant factor in the demand for these hostels, the conditions inside may leave much to be desired.

Deplorable Conditions in the Makama Hostel

Upon arriving at the Makama hostel, it became evident that the state of the hostel did not justify the exorbitant price.

The video shows a door that had been detached, window nets torn, and a complete lack of electricity in the room. This situation left both the student and her friend deeply disappointed with the conditions they were confronted with.

Reactions on Social Media

The video quickly garnered reactions on social media, with many expressing shock and disbelief at the situation.

Some questioned the logic of paying such a high price for a hostel space with substandard conditions, suggesting that getting an apartment might be a more practical choice. The exorbitant pricing and the conditions of the Makama hostel have left many wondering about the state of campus accommodation at Unilag.

In the face of these revelations, it remains to be seen whether the university will take action to address the concerns of students who find themselves in need of affordable and suitable accommodation.


The shocking revelation of a Unilag hostel reselling for 350,000 Naira with deplorable conditions has exposed a contentious issue faced by many university students.

The practice of reselling hostel spaces at inflated prices raises questions about affordability and the quality of accommodation available on campus.

As students and the public react to this revelation, it may lead to a broader conversation about the state of student housing at the University of Lagos.

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