Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Reveals Upcoming Children’s Book, Possibly Inspired by Grandson Augustus, Amidst Revelations About Grandchildren’s Nicknames

Sarah Ferguson’s Upcoming Children’s Book & Its Potential Inspiration

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, announced the creation of her forthcoming children’s book titled ‘Tale of Tails.’ The book, set for release next year, introduces a character named Augustus, seemingly influenced by her grandson, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank.

Family Connections and Book Teaser

The Duchess shared the news on Instagram along with a Christmas bauble image, teasing the book’s character Augustus, a snail carrying Christmas presents on its shell.

Book’s Characters and Story Elements

Apart from Augustus, the book features various characters like Lord & Lady Slugginton-Smythe, Harriette, Horace the Post Deliverer, and others. These characters inhabit a world woven through Sarah Ferguson’s creative narrative.

Grandparenting and Personal Reflections

Sarah Ferguson, a grandmother of three, previously discussed her experience being a grandmother, referring to herself as ‘Granny’ or ‘GG’ in a podcast. She expressed her excitement about her expanding role in her grandchildren’s lives.

Writing as Coping Mechanism Amidst Personal Turmoil

The Duchess’s writing journey, including her children’s books and a historical romance novel, served as a creative outlet during challenging times. She revealed that writing allowed her to escape through her imagination and find joy.

Reflections on the Royal Family and Loss

Addressing the loss of Queen Elizabeth II and reminiscing about their bond, Sarah Ferguson shared personal memories. She expressed gratitude for inheriting the Queen’s corgis and reflected on the significance of upholding the values the Queen stood for.

Book Releases Amidst Family Turmoil

Amidst familial challenges, including her ex-husband Prince Andrew’s legal issues, Sarah Ferguson authored novels, finding solace and identity in her writing. Her second book, ‘A Most Intriguing Lady,’ is slated for release in 2023.

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