25-Year-Old Woman Vanishes After Abrupt Zoom Call, San Diego Police Launch Investigation

25-Year-Old Woman Vanishes After Abrupt Zoom Call, San Diego Police Launch Investigation

San Diego Police Launch Search for Missing 25-Year-Old Woman

San Diego authorities are actively searching for 25-year-old India Delilah O’Hanlon, also known as New Delhi, who mysteriously vanished after a Zoom call with her parents on January 16.

The call abruptly ended around 7:56 pm, raising concerns about her well-being. India’s father, C.C. O’Hanlon, expressed frustration over the lack of developments and shared details about her disappearance.

Father’s Concerns and Twitter Posts

C.C. O’Hanlon took to Twitter to share details about his daughter’s disappearance, mentioning that she seemed distracted, high, and agitated during the Zoom call, particularly after the arrival of an unknown male.

He revealed that India’s social security and credit cards were left behind, heightening the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

The distraught father has actively posted on social media, expressing his concern and dissatisfaction with the progress of the police investigation.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Involvement

Officials from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department acknowledged that the missing person’s unit is actively investigating India O’Hanlon’s case.

The woman’s parents expressed frustration with the department’s response, stating their belief that their daughter was still in San Diego’s City Heights area at the time of her disappearance.

Parents’ Public Appeal and Police Response

In a public appeal, India’s parents expressed deep fear for their daughter’s safety and criticized the perceived lack of assistance from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

The parents urged the public for help and direct connections, stating that they were willing to share further information.

Following this, a sheriff from the San Diego Police Department responded, defending their actions and providing information on the Missing Persons Unit’s involvement.

Instagram Posts and Personal Insights

India’s Instagram profile showcases several photos of her engaging in various activities, including beach outings and socializing with friends.

Some posts hint at a more intimate and sultry side. Her last post from 13 weeks ago alluded to a challenging time with the caption, ‘It’s been a weird one and I am definitely not OK,’ accompanied by a secret laugh emoji.

The photos reveal a mix of carefree moments and a hint of vulnerability.

Connection to Article and Outreach to Parents

India’s Instagram bio includes a caption indicating she is “socially incapable but hanging in there,” with a link to an article she published in May 2021.

The article explores her introduction to a ‘panty selling website’ and her intrigue after learning about it from a gym acquaintance.

Father’s Update on Social Media

C.C. O’Hanlon provided an update on Monday, thanking the platform’s supportive community for connecting them with the detective handling India’s case.

He expressed gratitude for the assistance and stated that new information has been shared with the detective to aid in tracking India’s whereabouts.

The father expressed profound thanks to everyone involved, acknowledging the restoration of hope amid the challenging situation.