Ross Kemp’s Hilarious Mishap as Mr. Punch: Kids Cry and Wet Themselves at Show

Ross Kemp’s Hilarious Mishap as Mr. Punch: Kids Cry and Wet Themselves at Show

“When Ross Kemp Took Mr. Punch a Little Too Seriously”

Actor Ross Kemp, widely recognized for his role as Grant Mitchell in EastEnders, shared a comical anecdote about a memorable experience he had while playing Mr. Punch in a Punch and Judy show.

Kemp admitted to going “full method” and taking the role to extreme levels.

“Navigating the Catch-22 of the Early Career”

At the age of 20, fresh out of drama school, Ross Kemp found himself in the classic “Equity card Catch-22” situation.

To gain his Equity card, he needed to work in repertory theatre or theatre in education. This led him to be part of a play based on Punch and Judy, targeting a younger audience.

“A Dedicated but Terrifying Mr. Punch”

In this play, Ross Kemp portrayed Mr. Punch and took the role more seriously than intended. He even reshaped his nose to resemble a puppet’s, making him objectively terrifying.

At this point, Kemp thought of himself as Al Pacino and brought a hint of a Manchester gangland hitman into his performance.

“The Unintentional Scare”

As the set spun around, Kemp, as Mr. Punch, emerged and boisterously greeted the audience with a loud “HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS!”

However, this energetic entrance had unintended consequences. The entire front row of kids wet themselves, and some were left in tears.

Teachers and adults in the audience were equally shocked.

“The Policeman to the Rescue”

Realizing that he had lost his audience, Kemp attempted to dial down his performance, but it was too late. Terrified children watched in silence.

The turning point came when a policeman character entered the scene and “put Mr. Punch back in his box.”

“Life Lessons in Humility”

Kemp shared that his fellow cast members didn’t speak to him offstage for the rest of the week. Eventually, he adapted to the role, but the initial shock and awe were unforgettable.

Reflecting on the incident, he humorously recounted how a custodian handed him a mop and bucket to clean up the mess, serving as a unique and memorable review of his performance.

Ross Kemp’s humorous storytelling showcases a lighthearted mishap in his early acting career.

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