Dr. Amir Khan’s Hilarious Mishap: Accidentally Flashing Ruth Langsford on FaceTime

Dr. Amir Khan’s Hilarious Mishap: Accidentally Flashing Ruth Langsford on FaceTime

During a recent appearance on the ITV daytime show Loose Women, TV doctor Amir Khan shared a humorous and embarrassing story from his past.

He revealed that he once accidentally flashed Loose Women star Ruth Langsford while they were communicating via FaceTime.

A Funny Tale of Accidental Exposure

Dr. Amir Khan and Ruth Langsford were discussing how they first met and instantly hit it off.

They shared that they were staying at the same location and had arranged to meet for breakfast. However, things took an unexpected turn during their rendezvous.

The Unexpected FaceTime Blunder

Ruth Langsford playfully explained the mishap, stating that she had told Dr. Amir Khan she would call him when she was ready to go downstairs.

But as the story unfolded, it became clear that their plans didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated.

Dr. Amir’s Amusing Explanation

Dr. Amir Khan chuckled as he recounted the incident. He mentioned that Ruth had given him a missed call with her number, but he hadn’t saved it in his contacts.

When he woke up in the morning, he saw the unknown number and decided to call back. However, he accidentally pressed the FaceTime button instead of making a regular call.

The Embarrassing Moment

With a hint of embarrassment, Dr. Amir Khan revealed that he typically sleeps without clothes. As he placed the phone on the floor to make the call, he inadvertently triggered the FaceTime feature.

To his surprise, Ruth Langsford’s face appeared on the screen, and she exclaimed, “Amir, what am I looking at?!”

Laughter on Loose Women

The Loose Women panel, including Coleen Nolan and Janet Street-Porter, burst into laughter as Dr. Amir and Ruth shared this amusing story.

The doctor couldn’t help but join in the laughter, reminiscing about how he had to urgently instruct Ruth to disconnect the call.

The mishap certainly broke the ice and provided a memorable moment for everyone involved.

Dr. Amir Khan’s Background and New Book

Dr. Amir Khan is a general practitioner (GP) known for his appearances on various television shows, including Lorraine and Good Morning Britain.

He has also been featured in programs like Dr. Amir’s Sugar Crash and You Are What You Eat. Dr. Amir is quite popular on Instagram and was on Loose Women to discuss his new book, “How (NOT) To Have An Arranged Marriage.”

The book explores the arranged marriage process through the stories of three British Asians and their parents.

The Lighter Side of Life

This humorous incident involving Dr. Amir Khan and Ruth Langsford showcased the lighter side of their personalities and provided a delightful moment of laughter during their appearance on Loose Women.

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