Rizz, internet slang for ‘romantic appeal’ or charm, chosen as the word of the year 2023

Rizz, internet slang for ‘romantic appeal’ or charm, chosen as the word of the year 2023

Struggling to Keep Up: Oxford’s Word of the Year Revealed

In the perpetual challenge of staying abreast of Gen Z’s dynamic slang, Oxford Languages has declared ‘rizz’ as the ‘word of the year’ for 2023.

Coined by actor Tom Holland in a Buzzfeed interview, ‘rizz’ signifies ‘romantic appeal’ or charm in internet slang.

Among the contenders for this coveted title were terms such as ‘Swiftie,’ ‘beige flag,’ ‘situationship,’ and ‘de-influencing,’ reflecting the ever-shifting landscape of linguistic trends.

Out with the Old: Gen Z Dethrones Slang Classics

According to Generation Alpha, the usage of terms like ‘slay,’ ‘bet,’ and the laughing emoji now marks one as outdated.

These once-popular Gen Z phrases are being replaced by newer expressions such as ‘GYAT,’ ‘preppy,’ and the crying emoji.

Gen Alpha, individuals aged 13 and under, endorse the crying emoji over laughter when texting, with nuances like using the skull emoji for playful insults.

Phasing Out the Old Favorites: Slay, Bet, Bougie, and More

FEMAIL outlines the words that are witnessing a decline in popularity, including:

  • Slay: Originally a broad term for ‘good job’ or expressing fabulousness.
  • Bet: A term indicating agreement or confirmation.
  • Bougie: Describing a posh or sophisticated appearance and lifestyle.
  • Yeet: To forcefully throw something.
  • Extra: Signifying over-the-top and dramatic behavior.
  • Shook: Conveying a state of being bewildered or surprised.

In with the New: Oxford’s Notable Words for 2023

Oxford University Press identified eight words and phrases that encapsulate the mood and preoccupations of 2023. Some noteworthy inclusions are:

  • Rizz: Internet slang denoting romantic charm or appeal.
  • Swiftie: A dedicated fan of singer Taylor Swift.
  • De-influencing: Discouraging people from certain purchases or material consumption, especially through social media.
  • Beige flag: Indicating a partner’s perceived dullness or lack of originality.
  • Heat dome: A persistent high-pressure weather system causing hot air trapping.
  • Prompt: An instruction guiding artificial intelligence programs.
  • Parasocial: Describing a one-sided sense of intimacy fans feel for celebrities.
  • Situationship: A non-formal or established romantic or sexual relationship.

Gen Z Lingo Dictionary: From ‘Sus’ to ‘Sheesh’

Gen Z’s lexicon continues to evolve, introducing a myriad of terms such as ‘sus’ (short for ‘suspicious’), ‘salty’ (miffed or offended), ‘cap’ (implying a lie), and ‘bussin” (indicating something delicious).

‘Sheesh’ stands as an expression of validation and delight, while ‘drip’ describes exceptional style. Gen Z also employs ‘simp’ for a man in a submissive relationship and ‘gyat’ to celebrate a curvaceous behind.

Beyond Words: Bonding with Gen Z Co-workers

Understanding Gen Z’s communication goes beyond words, with phrases like ‘common L’ (common win/loss) and terms like ‘delulu’ (delusional) or ‘to serve’ (to look good) providing insights into their vernacular.

Whether something is ‘slap’ (very cool) or ‘it’s giving’ (a comparison), this guide aids in bridging the generational language gap. So, the next time someone mentions their ‘mental breakdown’ as ‘menty b,’ or declares ‘the brain isn’t braining,’ you’ll be in the know.

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