Selling Shadows: Rex Heuermann’s Family Strikes Million-Dollar Deal for Crime Docuseries

The family of accused serial killer Rex Heuermann, led by his estranged wife Asa Ellerup and their adult children Victoria and Christopher, is set to receive over $1 million for participating in an upcoming Peacock/NBC documentary.

This docuseries will provide an intimate look into their lives, shadowing them through Heuermann’s serial murder trial.

Life Rights Sold

Asa Ellerup and her two adult children have reportedly sold their life rights to the streaming platform. The family, facing the aftermath of Heuermann’s alleged crimes, aims to share their story exclusively through the documentary, shedding light on the impact of the accusations on their existence.

Filming Through the Trial

The docuseries will follow the Heuermann family closely, documenting their experiences during Rex Heuermann’s trial for the murders of three sex workers.

Film crews have already been spotted trailing the family, capturing moments from Heuermann’s arraignment hearing and are expected to continue through the trial and its aftermath.

Legal Involvement

In addition to the family, their lawyers, Robert Macedonio and Vess Mitev, are anticipated to play significant roles in the documentary. Both lawyers are set to receive substantial payments—$400,000 for Macedonio and a $200,000 deal for Mitev.

The legal team’s involvement will provide insights into the legal proceedings and the challenges faced by the family.

Coping with Hardships

Despite the substantial sum received for their participation, the Heuermann family is described to be in a ‘bleak existence.’

The financial strain following Heuermann’s arrest has left them struggling to make ends meet. Their decision to participate in the documentary may be seen as a necessary step to cope with the challenges and financial hardships they now face.

Public Response and Controversy

The family’s choice to engage in the documentary has sparked mixed reactions. While they receive a substantial amount for their involvement, some criticize the move, questioning the ethics of capitalizing on Heuermann’s alleged crimes for profit.

The documentary’s production coincides with Netflix’s plan for a three-part documentary on the Gilgo Beach murders.

Allegations and Ongoing Investigations

Amid the legal proceedings, Asa Ellerup faced accusations by attorney John Ray, representing two Gilgo Beach murder victims, suggesting her involvement in the killings.

However, police have not indicated any link between Ellerup and the murders, with her lawyer, Macedonio, emphasizing her innocence. Ongoing investigations continue to unfold, revealing details of the case.

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