Clarkson’s Farm: Amazon Eyes Multi-Million Dollar Deal as Clarkson Returns to the Spotlight

In a remarkable turnaround, Jeremy Clarkson, once ‘cancelled’ for an outspoken attack on Meghan Markle, is set to sign a lucrative new deal with Amazon, less than a year after the controversy.

The shift follows the astounding success of his farming venture on Clarkson’s Farm, a show that has captivated global audiences with its portrayal of Clarkson navigating the challenges of agriculture on Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire.

Clarkson’s Farm Triumph:

After decades as the leading motoring journalist with Top Gear, Clarkson found success in a new domain with Clarkson’s Farm, a series that showcased his struggles and triumphs in the farming world.

The second season, which began streaming in February, outperformed even Prime Video’s highly expensive The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power drama, becoming the platform’s most-watched original show in the UK.

Amazon’s Interest and Renewal Plans:

Amazon is reportedly keen on extending the success of Clarkson’s Farm, seeking another three series.

While nothing is officially signed, the anticipated deal, rumored to be worth at least $250 million, might be unveiled around the release of the third season in March or April next year.

The decision on whether Clarkson will continue with The Grand Tour or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? remains unclear, with friends suggesting he might focus solely on Clarkson’s Farm at the age of 63.

Focus on Pigs and Farming Success:

The upcoming series of Clarkson’s Farm will delve into the world of pigs, showcasing Jeremy Clarkson’s prowess as a pig farmer, a skill acknowledged even by Kaleb Cooper, the young farming contractor who has become a star.

Clarkson’s latest book, “Diddly Squat: Pigs Might Fly,” released last month, has also garnered significant success.

Controversy and Apology:

Clarkson faced controversy in December of the previous year due to a newspaper column attacking Meghan Markle.

Despite this, the success of Clarkson’s Farm has paved the way for his return to the spotlight.

Future Endeavors and Speculations:

Clarkson recently filmed a final special of The Grand Tour in Botswana and is expected to explore new avenues post-Clarkson’s Farm.

Friends speculate that, at 63, he might concentrate solely on his farming venture.

The third season of Clarkson’s Farm, scheduled to focus on pigs, is anticipated to maintain the show’s popularity.


Jeremy Clarkson’s comeback journey, from controversy to a multi-million dollar deal with Amazon, highlights the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry.

The global success of Clarkson’s Farm emphasizes the enduring appeal of authentic storytelling, showcasing the relatable struggles of a well-known personality in a new and unexpected setting.

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