Rex Heuermann Faces New Murder Charges in Manorville; Indictment Expected for Gilgo Beach Suspect

Rex Heuermann Faces New Murder Charges in Manorville; Indictment Expected for Gilgo Beach Suspect

Rex Heuermann is set to be indicted on two new murder charges this Thursday. Jessica Taylor and Valerie Mack were both discovered in Manorville, New York. In April, detectives were seen searching the area where they were found.

New Charges Announced

Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann is expected to face new charges for the murders of two additional women. Multiple law enforcement sources informed CNN that the 60-year-old will be charged with the deaths of Jessica Taylor and Valerie Mack on Thursday.

Discovery of Victims’ Remains

The headless and handless body of 20-year-old Jessica Taylor was found in the woods of Manorville, New York, in 2000. In 2011, more of her remains were located over 40 miles away near Gilgo Beach on Long Island. Valerie Mack, who vanished near Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 2000 at the age of 24, was also found dead in Manorville. Parts of her remains were later discovered on Gilgo Beach.

Court Appearance and Investigation

Heuermann, who has pleaded not guilty to the deaths of four women, is scheduled to appear in state court in Riverhead on Thursday. In April, detectives conducted searches in the woodland areas close to where the remains of Taylor and Mack were found. Search teams with K9 units swept the wooded area in Manorville over a three-day period. Last month, detectives also returned to search Heuermann’s Long Island home, where a cache of weapons was initially recovered following his arrest last summer.

Previous Arrest and Charges

Heuermann was arrested in July and initially charged with the murders of Melissa Barthelemy, 24, Megan Waterman, 22, and Amber Lynn Costello, 27. In February, he was also charged with the murder of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, 25. These women were found wrapped in burlap and buried along Ocean Parkway on Long Island’s South Shore over a decade ago.

Connection to Shannan Gilbert’s Case

The remains of the Gilgo women were discovered during the search for 23-year-old Shannan Gilbert, an escort from New Jersey who disappeared in May 2010 after making a frantic 911 call. Her remains were found along the same stretch of coast in December 2011, leading police to the discovery of the ‘Gilgo Four’. No one has been charged in Gilbert’s death, which police suggest may have been accidental, though her family believes she was murdered.

Series of Victims

Between 2010 and 2011, the remains of eleven victims were found on the desolate stretch of coastline near Heuermann’s Long Island home. All victims were escorts who advertised on Craigslist. Heuermann was linked to the killings through DNA evidence on the burlap used to transport the bodies, which matched samples from a pizza crust and napkin discarded outside his Manhattan architectural firm, with a 99.96 percent match according to law enforcement officials.

Key Evidence Against Heuermann

Heuermann became a suspect when a witness connected his Chevrolet Avalanche to Costello’s murder. The car was linked to his cellphone records, allegedly placing him at locations related to the murders. The indictment also stated that Heuermann used burner phones to contact each of his victims.

Taunting Phone Calls

Heuermann is accused of using Barthelemy’s phone to make taunting calls to her family from his office. Her sister Melissa recounted receiving threatening phone calls from the killer, who boasted about the killing and monitored her movements.

Family’s Response

Vess Mitev, a lawyer for Heuermann’s two adult children, stated that the family is closely monitoring the developments. “The hearing is yet another mile marker in this macabre saga, where they continue to be unfortunate bystanders,” he said.