Revolutionizing the Future: Aesyra Secures $3M in Seed Funding to Ignite Innovation

Innovative Sleep Solutions Funded

Aesyra, the brainchild of EPFL researchers, secured a significant round of funding led by Supermoon Capital and Creadd Ventures, with Zürcher Kantonalbank also joining in.

This investment push sees Lorenzo Leoni, from Creadd Ventures, stepping onto Aesyra’s Board of Directors.

Revolutionizing Sleep Disorders

Aesyra’s primary focus is developing and commercializing their AesyBite® product line.

These innovative tools are aimed at accurately monitoring and treating sleep bruxism and sleep apnea—a crucial leap in addressing these often underestimated conditions.

Science-Backed Solutions

Headed by Marco Letizia, Aesyra, a spin-off of Switzerland’s EPFL, has revolutionized sleep tech.

Their AesyBite® devices, equipped with cutting-edge sensors and proprietary algorithms, enable precise measurements of multiple sleep factors.

Notably, these devices actively combat bruxism and enhance patients’ overall quality of sleep and life.

Groundbreaking Technology

The backbone of Aesyra’s breakthrough is rooted in over a decade of comprehensive sleep research data and technology pioneered by EPFL researchers.

The devices developed by Aesyra are a testament to this relentless pursuit of innovation in the realm of sleep disorders.

Stepping Into a Bright Future

This substantial funding round signifies a significant milestone for Aesyra, empowering them to further their mission of transforming the landscape of sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment.

With their technology at the helm, the future of combating sleep-related issues looks promising.

This recent funding surge not only heralds Aesyra’s ascent but also underlines the growing importance and interest in sleep health technology—a field ripe for innovation and positive impact.

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